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Topic: On the Whim of Finn

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    On the Whim of Finn


    Just finished a piece called On the Whim of Finn, for string quartet. Looks like it will performed in June, but thought I would post here a recording made from GPO strings.

    The full story can be read and you can listen on my blog here:


    or you can just download the mp3 file


    The first coupla minutes are slow, and then it picks up.

    For a long time I was stuck for inspiration until our good friends visited with their child Finn. As Finn occupied himself on my old ex-pianola, I remember at one point remarking "whatever Finn plays next, that's it, that will be the next piece of music". He then played A C E F G. Using these notes I immediately wrote a melody which became the basis for this piece of music.

    The melody made from Finn's invented scale forms almost all the elements of this piece. Though to add harmonic colour I use his scale transposed up a fifth to start on E and then a fifth again to start on B. So that almost all elements of this piece are created through combinations of the five note melody across different transpositions.

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    Re: On the Whim of Finn

    Hello, To be honest, at first I didn't know if I was going to make it through this piece, but when the "pizz" section started, this really took off, sounded improvisational and to me, very much like some live players feeding off each other. Great job on this, thanks for posting this one. I have heard of Bach and others writing pieces based on their initials, or code words, and I have seen a pianist given 5 random notes and then improvising and developing a piece from them.
    Maybe as good a way as any to write. It certainly works here. Regards, John

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    Re: On the Whim of Finn

    Enjoyed the music and the your personal genesis of inspiration. I've named my virtual orchestral after my little sister; my biggest fan

    You brought sensitivity and a spectrum of playfulness to your work; very soothing and palpable. Who knows where your next spark of creativity will shine.

    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music

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    Re: On the Whim of Finn

    I love string quartets and hope you the best of luck when it is performed.

    I thinki that music can be made for just about anything. Take a view random notes, and the next thing you know, you have got a masterpiece. At least sometimes.

    Well done


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    Re: On the Whim of Finn

    Thanks for those comments, yes the first coupla minutes are slower, but then picks up as a fun piece.

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    Re: On the Whim of Finn

    The first section is quite beautitul, and sets up the quick section that follows very nicely. Master Finn gave you some good material, and you work with it well. Very enjoyable!
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: On the Whim of Finn

    Love the title (and the origination of the thematic
    material), WJ. Sometimes pieces arise from the oddest
    circumstances... and working with tightly constrained
    raw materials often produces the best results. Excellent
    handling of the materials, compositionally; especially
    as the piece progresses.

    Congratulations on the upcoming performance!

    My best,


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