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Topic: OT: Recommend Orchestration/Composing Books?

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    OT: Recommend Orchestration/Composing Books?

    Hi folks:

    Can you recommmend your favorite music orchestration, composition, and theory books, and why you like them? Also,could you comment on the ones I have?

    I currently have acquired the following:

    Classical Orchestration:
    - Techniques of Orchestration, Kent Wheeler Kennan
    - Principles of Orchestration, Rimsky-Karsikov

    - Composing Music, Russo
    - Classics in Sequence, Lloyd & Terry
    - Arranging Techniques for Synthesists, Turkel

    Music Theory:
    - Harmony, Piston (also looking to get Counterpoint by Piston)
    - Theory and Practice of Tone-Relations, Percy Goetschius
    - The Gig Bag Book of Theory and Harmony, Amsco

    - All About the Symphony Orchestra, Commins
    - What to Listen for in Music, Copland

    I compose classical music on my PC via midi sequencing and orchestral sampling. Gearing towards a GigaStudio \"Studio.\"

    Any feedback regarding your favorite music instruction books would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: OT: Recommend Orchestration/Composing Books?

    I\'m studying the book called \"the study of orchestration\" by Samuel Adler, and I LOVE it! The main reason is the 5 cds set which you can buy and which contain almost every example scored in the book. Listening to those extracts is quite a pleasure and very helpful for me to determine my musical direction (hear what I like and what I don\'t!)
    The cd set is a bit expansive, but it is definitely worth it, imho.

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    Re: OT: Recommend Orchestration/Composing Books?

    I have the Kent Wheeler Kennan and the Samual Adler books, but my favorite is Orchestration by Cecil Forsythe. It\'s a bit more in depth than the other books in terms of explaining the intricacies of specific instruments.

    Anthony www.mp3.com/alombardi

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