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Topic: JABB and DP4 revisited

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    JABB and DP4 revisited

    I am trying to make JABB appear on DP4 so that I can use the exquisite sounds. I get the audio to show up on an AUX track, but I don't seem to get access to the instrument from the MIDI tracks (ie, no listings of JABB chanels on the Output list of each MIDI track).
    All I see is a small insert window where JABB is supposed to be in teh AUX track, but never get to see the actual plug in...

    So the short question:
    can we get a total explanation on how JABB is supposed to work on DP4.61?

    Other poeple posted the same problem about a year ago on another thread, but there don't seem to be answers. I assume this has been worked out since then!



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    Talking Re: JABB and DP4 revisited

    HA! I'll answer my own question, 'cause I just figured it out:

    Make sure you have a valid output on the instrument track!!


    I'm welcome


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