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Topic: Gs 4

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    Gs 4

    Wow. the GS4 announcement really has everyone buzzing.... zzzzzzzzzzzz

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    Re: Gs 4

    Yep, it seems TSCAM didn't advertise it enough. Strange indeed.
    It's a great sampler which I use daily but now I too am in the Kontakt gang.

    I'm waiting for the 64 bit update though, for me it can't be fast enough
    best regards

    Przemyslaw K.

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    Re: Gs 4

    The problem for me is that there aren't any inexpensive GSIF 2.1 (64-bit) audio cards out there (yet). Sure, there are some high-end solutions, but I just need a stereo output.

    I'm just using GS4 in 32-bits. It's definitely cool to be able to add the DEF filter to gig files, and it's sweet to stack VSL's VI instruments with my Giga strings. But we need to get more 64-bit systems with 8GB to really generate a buzz. GVI-4 for the Mac should generate more buzz as well.

    Regarding promotions, since Tascam doesn't advertise here, they don't post here either. That's definitely a buzz killer.

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    Re: Gs 4

    Well... while it's not actual advertising, and it's not coming from TASCAM, I have started posting links to excerpts from songs that I've created using only GS4's bundled sounds and native effects in the "Listening Area" and "GigaStudio" subfora.

    That'll give you at least the beginning of a sense of what you can do with GS4, right out of the box, and I'm always eager to get feedback for my composing and producing skills... such as they are...

    More songs coming, as time permits.

    Have a great weekend everyone!!
    — alanb




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