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Topic: Orchestral Sample Downloads - Open To Suggestions

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    Orchestral Sample Downloads - Open To Suggestions

    Here, at Kirk Hunter Studios, we have been asked on many occasions to create downloadable libraries. It has also been expressed that you want your sounds NOW! Additionally, you asked for smaller bundles, such as just the Concert Strings, or even just the Concert Violins, etc.!

    So over the next few weeks, we will make many wonderful packages and bundles that you can purchase, and then immediately download and install. No more waiting for a package to arrive via postal carriers!

    And while some of these files may be quite large, by downloading , you will still have them installed on your system a lot faster than receiving them by normal post.

    Currently, all of the Kontakt versions are available for instant download!

    Because there is no physical cost of creating and mailing downloadable bundles, (hard drive cost, DVD cost, printing, shipping, etc.) we can offer these bundles at a greatly reduced price to you!

    What we would like to know is what YOU would like in a downloadable package? It's important to get input from you here so that while we are putting all these bundles together, we have a good idea of what YOU want.
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    Re: Orchestral Sample Downloads - Open To Suggestions

    This could be the best news I've heard in a while. I don't know what products you should make downloadable, but I'm looking for good strings all the time. I have the Kontakt 2/3 library and several small versions of bigger products like GPO. But I need some good, SOLID strings and your demos are great!

    So maybe the string sections, and maybe the solo strings. That would probably help me the most.

    What exactly does Sapphire have in the way of strings though compared to the individual modules?


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    Re: Orchestral Sample Downloads - Open To Suggestions

    I think its a Great idea!

    I would offer the option to buy in parts and then if
    you buy all the parts to say "All Strings" for instance, then you get a
    discount on the end price also. (downloads)

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    Re: Orchestral Sample Downloads - Open To Suggestions

    The difference in the Sapphire Strings is that this bundle has ONLY the Concert Strings. (Diamond has 'em all, Ruby has all but Symhonic and Chamber.) Additionally, the samples are stretched out over 3 notes or so. Surprisingly, they sound better than I thought they would being stretched so far. The Concert Strings in Diamond (or Ruby) are sampled every note.

    There will be some bonus packages, etc. for those who make multiple downloads. I still have to figure all that out. There will be a LOT of things from very small bundles to rather large ones. I think that with more and more folks having wider bandwidth in their Internet connections, it's time for something like this.

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    Re: Orchestral Sample Downloads - Open To Suggestions

    Hmmm, well considering that I don't have much money to spend and it will only get tighter this summer, I'm really torn about if I should get the Sapphire orchestra or not. I'm really looking for the strings part of it and wondered about the strings since I couldn't find any reviews of it.

    I have the orchestra stuff that came with K2 and K3 like I said, and a few years ago I bought EWQLSO Silver, and then I have some smaller libraries based on GPO and such.

    I'm COMPLETELY set on woodwinds though as well as brass. Not that I couldn't use those things in your sets, but that they won't be the reason I buy.

    So decision time I guess. I wish I knew what else was going to come and at what price. I don't want to buy this and then realize something else at the same price is more fitting to my needs. I hope you understand!


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    Re: Orchestral Sample Downloads - Open To Suggestions

    Well, this is why I wanted you to make a "wish list". I suppose that I should announce what is planned, and you can add your "wishes" from there. Ok, look for a posting of that later today.

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    Re: Orchestral Sample Downloads - Open To Suggestions

    Thanks Kirk! I'm sorry, I don't mean to be difficult.

    Basically, I'll narrow it down to this: strings. If I could get some good solid strings without the rest of the instruments, that's what I'd prefer. I don't know if putting them as violin sections, viola sections, etc. is better or just all strings from each category of strings(concert, studio, chamber, etc.) as a group.

    I am guessing that the strings will probably be the most sought-after parts of the library anyways since they seem so good!

    My wife has cleared me(don't laugh, that's what wives do!) to spend $100 right now so I don't know what will be in that range. Of course, if no other downloads are in that range then I can get the Sapphire, but we'll see. Of course, hopefully they will be up before she changes her mind, LOL!

    Thanks again Kirk for your help. I look forward to seeing what is to come. But remember: strings!


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    Re: Orchestral Sample Downloads - Open To Suggestions

    IMO you should allow for a complete modular approach...letting customenrs pick`n Choose single instruments.

    I dont mean single articulations tho, but letting people buy..say the Solo Flute, or just the Violas etc.

    The big problem i guess with that ...is upgrade paths.
    Alot of possible combos of upgrades would be possible, and quite difficult to administer i guess.

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    Re: Orchestral Sample Downloads - Open To Suggestions

    I agree with Pzy-Clone. It would be great to be able to purchase and download individual instruments or sections. That way if I was in the middle of something and needed a great solo cello, I could go to your site and go, "that's the sound, I am looking for."

    I primarily use EWQLSO Platinum XP, but there are areas where I have difficulty achieving the sound I want, particularly in the strings. Also I need some better solo strings and had thought about purchasing your violin and cello, but they are not currently available anymore. Maybe they will reappear as a full quartet?

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    Re: Orchestral Sample Downloads - Open To Suggestions

    Great to hear. Downloads are the future and it's really nice that you offer these bundles at reduced price instead of just adding it to the the markup. Speaks volumes! :-)

    I would prefer a modular approach too. It would work both for people who just want to add another layer of strings to their existing library/libraries and people who want to build library a la carte (usually because they're on a budget and can't justify spending money on, say, english horn, contra basoon, bass clarinet and other "additional" instrument instead of, say, decent strings).

    The question is how modulized? I would suggest that the price point decide what content goes into a module. The price range $50 to $100 for downloads will probably be attractive and give a fair balance between price and content (at least that's my impression -- I usually buy downloads in that range by impulse).

    Quote Originally Posted by Pzy-Clone View Post
    The big problem i guess with that ...is upgrade paths. Alot of possible combos of upgrades would be possible, and quite difficult to administer i guess.
    With a modular approach, buying a la carte, what upgrade paths need there to be?

    Pre-downloads bundling was a necessarily to fill a CD-ROM/DVD and upgrade paths existed so the user didn't have to pay for the same instrument/samples twice. With "un-bundled" downloads those two problems are solved at once.
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