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Topic: "Bosendorfer Imperial," Piano Test Shoot Out

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    \"Bosendorfer Imperial,\" Piano Test Shoot Out

    I downloaded the piano test midi file from Purgatory Creek less than an hour ago, and recorded this MP3 of the Bosendorfer Imperial using that midi file.

    Many have been requesting this demo, so here it is...

    Bardstown Audio

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    Re: \"Bosendorfer Imperial,\" Piano Test Shoot Out

    This piano test demo is posted to the MP3 page of Bardstown Audio\'s web site, not the Purgatory Creek web site.


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    Re: \"Bosendorfer Imperial,\" Piano Test Shoot Out

    Thanks for the demo mp3!!
    Apples to apples as they say.

    You might be getting a piece of my credit card soon!

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    Re: \"Bosendorfer Imperial,\" Piano Test Shoot Out

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by ed hamilton:
    Thanks for the demo mp3!!
    Apples to apples as they say.

    You are most welcome!


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    Re: \"Bosendorfer Imperial,\" Piano Test Shoot Out

    Very nice.

    I know it\'s a lot of extra work, but if you record mp3s of that with several distinct articulations, the diversity of sounds would better illustrate what folks comparison-shopping through Purgatory Creek would have to look forward to from your library.

    [size=\"1\"]Okay, I\'ll admit it. I just want to see the UFO one up there! =)[/size]

    Perhaps some of your users can fill in the blanks so it\'s not a burden on one person?

    (For the record, I do plan to purchase Bosendorfer Imperial the moment my credit cards aren\'t so completely maxed out. Your demos have actually sold me on the fact that I need another piano more than I need to fill actual holes in my collection. That\'s no easy task, let me tell you. So, don\'t think this is a \"never satisfied\" post. It\'s anything but...)

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    Re: \"Bosendorfer Imperial,\" Piano Test Shoot Out

    Thanks Aaron,

    I would like to accommodate you with mp3\'s of various articulations, but my web site is filling up to the limit, in terms of space. I have some more mp3\'s in the works that I will be putting up in the next couple of days.

    I am either going to have to buy more space for my web site, or eliminate some of the older mp3\'s, in order to make room for new ones.


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    Re: \"Bosendorfer Imperial,\" Piano Test Shoot Out


    Well, I downloaded the mp3 of the Purgatory Creek midi file played on the Bardstown Bosendorfer...

    I\'ve also spent some time getting \"up close and personal\" with the contents of that midi file. I can fully understand why and how it would expose many problems on sampled pianos. It also lead me to some discoveries about my controller (and the midi velocity range I could generate with it).

    I\'ve listened to literally every single mp3 on the Purgatory site. For me, some are easy to eliminate from my consideration as \"second rate\" or \"unsuitable for my purposes.\"

    A few of the original offerings hung around until the very end. After going through the remaining few countless times, I selected the one I thought was the best. I didn\'t buy it yet, but just held it there for reference.

    This morning, I downloaded yours, and set it side by side with my previous winner.

    All I can say is this: Your piano is simply the best! To my ear, it was head and shoulders above the best of the previous entries. Even though I can\'t afford it right now, I\'m going to order a copy today anyway. It is just that good, and getting to hear it side by side iced the cake for me.

    One thing you might consider is to offer a zip file that combines some of the older mp3\'s. Using maximum compression, the pianotest.mp3 file was reduced by 48%... that might buy you some time before you have to buy more space


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    Re: \"Bosendorfer Imperial,\" Piano Test Shoot Out


    I really liked your purgatory mps.
    I too have downloaded every piano in the shootout.
    I have them all lined up in itunes for quick comparisons.

    The quality of your piano is easily heard.
    Is there a brighter articulation of it that I do not know about?

    I am in need of a brighter/more studio sounding piano. Closer miced. Sits easier in a more dense, comtemorary mix. That sort of thing.
    I would hate to overlook your piano simply because you posted the richest version of it and I am looking for a brighter version that is also on the disc.



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    Re: \"Bosendorfer Imperial,\" Piano Test Shoot Out

    Hello Ed,

    Yes! There is definitely a brighter sounding version of this sampled Bosendorfer Imperial, than the filter patch version that I used on the \"shoot out\" midi file. The particular patch that I used for the \"shoot out\" comparison was the velocity filter patch.

    The full Bosendorfer, which is the default piano that is loaded initially, is much brighter than the velocity filter patch.

    Here are some links to some mp3\'s of the full Bosendorfer Imperial, which are totally unprocessed sampled versions of this instrument, which do sound brighter.




    Bardstown Audio

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    Re: \"Bosendorfer Imperial,\" Piano Test Shoot Out

    Hey, I\'m glad you\'ve gone down this path. I listened to the first shooutout mp3. It sounds very good. At least as good as the best that\'s there right now. Comments questions:

    I quickly loaded the mp3\'s (yours and two from the shoot out page, Trachtman C-8 and EW-Steinway-B) into Sound Forge:

    1) Your mp3 is 320Kb/S, while the other two are 192Kb/S. Not really apples to apples.

    2) Your sample is about 2-2.5dB hotter than the other two I listened to. Again, it\'s just an apples to apples question. I don\'t know whether those guys did any normalization or not.

    And my questions are...

    1) Did you make any changes to the standard MIDI file that you downloaded to optimize it in any way for your library?

    2) Is the audio put through any form of post processing. (Reverb, EQ, compression.)

    The results there are really great. Easily one of the best I\'ve heard to date.


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