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Topic: Repeated Missing Notes

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    Angry Repeated Missing Notes

    Although Garritan Personal Orchestra has been in my possion for a long time, it is only recently that I have tried to use it seriously. At the moment I am preparing some string quartets and only using 4 voices. The voices are a VST intrument inside Sonar 6. When I play any sequnce I have prepared, certains note are not played every time, usually acroos all parts. If I start from just before these points, the notes ARE played. In any of the sequences it happens at the same points in each sequence. It also appears in the mix down.

    I did manage to cure one instance by removing a blank bard from the front end of the sequence!

    I have the latest version of Kontakt Player but don't know where to turn. Its the sort of bug that I can't live with but I can't find a solution other thab to ditch Garritan.

    I have now tested Garritan (Kontakt Player) as a stand alone with Sonar 6 dring it through the midi interface and there are no problems. So it is onlt a problem when running as a VST. I am not keen on this as a solution though!!

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    Re: Repeated Missing Notes

    Hi, You might want to open the Piano Roll View in Sonar and make sure you can see CC# events. GPO uses CC#1 for velocity (the Mod wheel).
    If there are any events showing CC#1 returning to O, that would be the problem. You can also see this graphically, if you have the Kontakt Player on screen with the keyboard visable. You should be able to see the Mod wheel moving up and down. I hope this helps. John

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    Re: Repeated Missing Notes

    Why would you assume that this is a Garritan problem? It isn't.

    This has been a Sonar bug for a long time. When two or more notes of the same pitch are played consecutively, in many cases one of the notes (usually the last) will not sound.

    Go to the Sonar forum for a solution.

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Repeated Missing Notes

    I have Sonar 6 and have never had that problem and I've done quite a bit of recording with GPO and other products using the Kontakt 2 player. Are these notes at the same velocity? Have you looked in the Event List view for any odd controllers or note info?


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    Re: Repeated Missing Notes

    Thank you all for your replies.

    I have checked the event list for spurious controllers and there are none present. The missing notes are always the the same if the sequence is played from the start. If however the sequence is started from part way through the problem goes away. If I run Kontact player as a stand alone but drived by Sonar with a software midi link I have no problems.

    The problem is not with repeated notes of the same pitch. They are repeated in the sense that each time the sequence is played from the start, the same notes are missing each time. If the sequence is not started from the beginning, there is no problem!

    I do not assume it is a Garritan problem although I am more likely to find someone with the same problem in this forum. It appears to be a problem for me when Garritan and Sonar are run together through VST. I do run other programmes using VST without any problems.

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    Re: Repeated Missing Notes

    I have now solved (eliminated) my problem. I was using the DXi version of Kontakt Player. Using the VST version has removed the missing notes problem. However, I have exchange it for another. The volume and pan controls from Sonar have no effect on Kontkt Player. Anybody go any ideas?

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    Re: Repeated Missing Notes

    There's a box you'll need to check which is disabled by default.

    Once you've loaded an instrument, click the gears button, then click on the Controllers tab. Check "Accept Standard controllers for volume and pan."

    Good to hear you've found it was an issue with the Kontakt Player engine in DXi mode (which is a Native Instruments issue, not Garritan) and that VST is working ok.


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    Re: Repeated Missing Notes

    Thanks, I have found the gears and all works well.

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    Re: Repeated Missing Notes

    One thing that can cause repeated notes to go missing -- on any sequencer: would you by any chance be using a "humanise" plug-in? It will move the notes backwards and forwards in time by small amounts. Then, if you have repeated notes, and it happens to move the end of the first one to be a tiny bit later than the start of the second one, the second one won't sound (because the first note's note-off message will turn the second one off too).

    This is probably really obvious, but it certainly took me a while for the penny to drop the first time it happened to me! Especially since, if you are using a plug-in which does the humanising in real time, it happens in different places each time you play the sequence.
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