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Topic: Detach & Load GS4

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    Detach & Load GS4

    Another curly one for you ..... GS3 and GS4
    After loading a first performance, and I mean any performance, slot number three will not load any instrument through a program change. If I manually detach the instrument (no matter what it is), and then manually load any instrument back into the slot, from that point on all program changes sent to slot 3 will work.
    I have now made a macro that will change things with one key stroke, but the point is I shouldn't have to do this.
    Has anyone experienced this sort of thing on GS3 or 4?
    Look forward to any comment..
    Bryan H

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    Re: Detach & Load GS4

    Yeah .... it came to me in the middle of the night .
    If the problem was still there in GS3 and GS4 it could only be the performance files...
    I have rebuilt the most important file, and the problem has disappeared.
    Pity nobody replied, but I got there anyway.
    Equipment Hardware:
    Sager laptop (Clevo)
    Windows 7 Ultimate SP 1
    Intel Core Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40 GHZ 8.00 GB Ram
    2 x SSD drives 120 & 128 GB
    ST9160823AS 150GB 7200 rpm
    RME Fireface 800
    Gigastudio 4
    Native Instruments B4 VSTi Bridged "Jbridge"
    Dosbox 0.74 running "Texture" sequencer.

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