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Topic: Cubase Mixdown Overloading: Help PLZ

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    Cubase Mixdown Overloading: Help PLZ


    I am running Cubase Studio 4 on a dual core 2gig AMD with 2 gig RAM on vista. My problem is that if I try to mixdown my music with the Offline Interpolation set to anything except standard, the mixdown will go for a little while, and then suddenly it will freeze up or throw a windows error.

    I can make it work for smaller clips, but with anything longer than about 10 seconds it will stop working.

    Is this normal? Is there any way to let the computer take more time, and eliminate this error?


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    Re: Cubase Mixdown Overloading: Help PLZ

    I have Cubase 4 but the manual is the same for Cubase Studio (I thought) so I dont suppoes there is a great difference. Can you be more specific about your problem. Are you using "EXPORT" to get an audio mix? where is the "Offline Interpolation" setting ? I cannot find a reference to this anywhere.

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    Re: Cubase Mixdown Overloading: Help PLZ

    Yeah, Sorry

    I am referring to garritan. The interpolation setting is in the options window.

    Yes, it's for an audio mixdown.
    I have tried freezing kontakt player before audio mixdown, but I meet exactly the same problem, it goes for a little while, then freezes cubase.

    It could be a very simple problem, I am relatively new to the software.


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    Re: Cubase Mixdown Overloading: Help PLZ

    It works when I try it on songs with few MIDI tracks, but as soon as I get more than about 8 instruments on kontakt, the problem starts occurring. In the garritan manual it says that turning up the offline interpolation settings to more than standard is very computationally intensive, but is there a way to take more time and use less processor power?


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    Re: Cubase Mixdown Overloading: Help PLZ

    I found the Offline Interpolation in Kontakt player by mistake last night.
    Heres a work round.

    Instead of mixing all the sounds at once into a single track, you could mix some of them onto a Cubase audio file, then repeat with further sounds.

    I personally do each track separately to audio, then use the mixer in Cubase to adjust the settings (volume, compression, reverb, delay etc) then mix down all the audio tracks to one within Cubase by exporting the audio. This can all be automated using the Read / Write system and is very flexible as you can make changes easily. You could also save as sections, brass, strings and so on and then mix those in Cubase.

    Hope that this helps

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    Re: Cubase Mixdown Overloading: Help PLZ

    Yes, thank you.

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