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Topic: Soundproblems JABB & SIB 5.2

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    Soundproblems JABB & SIB 5.2


    I'm new with SIB together w. JAB and have searched a lot
    for answer of in the mainly three problems:

    SIB is loading from JABB when starting the program. Is it like that or can I prevent SIB from doing this.

    Sound is very stuttered and broken. I'm Writting for Big Band and using JABB-lite sounds.

    Is there any good article aboute optimizing JABB for SIB5 and/optimal adjustments of JABB?
    (been searching but didn't find any)

    SIB 5.2, OSX 10.4.11, MacBookPro 2,4GHz, 4GB DDR2 SDRAM,
    JABB (latest update)

    Would appreciate some good advise...

    All the best / Orjan

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    Re: Soundproblems JABB & SIB 5.2

    It is likely you saved your playback configuration when instrument patches were loaded.

    To fix this, go to Play > Playback Devices.
    Click to select each instance of Kontakt Player and click "Show".
    Unload all patches.
    Save configuration.

    Go to Play > Playback Devices. Click "Audio Engine Options".
    Try different buffer sizes. If your problem is CPU overloading, increasing the buffer should help.
    If the problem is latency, then lowering the buffer size will help.

    3) Try the Sib forum. You will probably get more results there.

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