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Topic: Andromeda: Coda

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    Andromeda: Coda

    Andromeda: Coda

    Based on the one act play written by Robert Hewitt Wolfe.

    This piece is a suite.

    A short introduction of the various character themes, leitmotifs that will be developed and featured in future pieces.


    Sorry for the short introduction. I'm quite in a hurry.



    David Fang

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    Re: Andromeda: Coda

    Hello, I like the sounds of these various themes and will hopefully hear more from you. Can you share a bit of information when you have more time as to what you used in creating these. I know some of the members here instantly recognize the various libraries when they hear them, but some of us aren't so blessed (despite the moniker) Regards, John (bigears)

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    Re: Andromeda: Coda

    Very impressive, professional writing, David Fang! I like it. Very nice timpani work, by the way and your piece contains some good dynamic contrasts.

    This is excellent work. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Andromeda: Coda

    Bigears to answer your questions quickly,

    This is full 100% GPO, KP2, and Garritan Ambience. No additional libraries are included.

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    Re: Andromeda: Coda

    Very powerful and expressive music, David!
    Well composed and orchestrated, and it shows what one can do with GPO!
    Thanks for sharing this and will look forward to your development.


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    Re: Andromeda: Coda


    This music is very expressive.

    I can hear a number of themes that look like will be fun to expand upon.

    A couple of the themes are very cinematic as well.

    Just as a side note, there are a few spots of distortion/crackling, but nothing serious.


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    Re: Andromeda: Coda

    Very late to the party, David, sorry... but I did
    want to hear this. Unfortunately BoxNet shows
    it pulled.

    Did I see another post on this somewhere?

    My best,


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    Re: Andromeda: Coda

    ditto etLux

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