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Topic: An overture

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    An overture

    Just a little Romantic fun, wrote this piece about a year ago.



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    Re: An overture

    Nice! I love the playful nature of each of the instruments taking the motive. Although I thought the Pictures above were a bit............................................... .... ahh ..................................... Distracting. At least the add banner that I had. lol Bravo
    Chef Marco Teti
    (Fine Replicated swords)

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    Re: An overture

    Superb overature and masterfully rendered. Please take us through how it was conceived, written, what libs. pgms, software used. I enjoyed it from beginning to end. Best wishes,

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    Re: An overture

    Hi, I enjoyed the music. The ads on esnips are a major detraction from some good workyou have done. The first time I clicked on the link, photos of lesbian couples kissing, next time ringtone ads, etc. Maybe time to check out some of the competition for an ad free site where one can just listen. Thanks for sharing, I will just close my eyes and listen and give it one more try. John

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    Senior Member bigears's Avatar
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    Re: An overture

    With good headphones on and eyes closed, this time I really enjoyed hearing this. I love the hand-off of the motif to the different instruments and the weaving in of new melodies is handled with great skill. Thanks for posting this and sharing some great work with us! John (bigears)

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    Re: An overture

    BRAVO!! Very nicely written, orchestrated and rendered. Keep up the good work and keep posting please.

    Steve Winkler

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    Re: An overture

    Sir, that's fantastic! I second the call for program/programming notes. I always love to hear writing and rendering methods. This is truely top notch work.

    As for the banner ads, all I got was a free IQ test - I feel cheated ! Seriously, a lot of forum members use either Soundclick.com (if you want to put together a home page) or box.net )if you want bare bones file storage).

    Bravo! Keep it coming!

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    Re: An overture

    This is very well done, but what is it an overture to? Has anything else been composed yet?

    Just wondering


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    Re: An overture

    Hey all, thank you so so much for the responses! I'm sorry to report that all I got was "Chase the gorilla" and "You've got 1 message!" advertisements; lame I know. Awkward lesbians begone!

    I might well make the move back to Soundclick, I'm just in the habit of using Esnips for mp3s as well as scores (though a move to Scribd for PDF uploads would be quite simple).

    To start with the piece's origin, I was (mostly for fun) discussing with my friend (who's a remarkable playwright/author) the possibility of writing an opera out of a Norse saga. The project never materialized of course but it gave me incentive to write out a couple themes which over the course of about two months evolved into this overture. I guess you could call it "The Overture to the Opera that Never Was".

    In terms of production, I use Noteworthy Composer 2 which is time consuming but with which I can work on the utmost details of dynamic and tempi variation. There's no recording via keyboard, everything is played back in the program which means 100% consistent performance which is convenient if a certain velocity or dynamic or tempo is slightly off and I want to change it without the risk of messing with actual audio data (and since I'm OCD about this stuff, you can imagine I'm going back constantly to make small adjustments). I've hooked up the midi channels from Noteworthy Composer 2 to playback with GPO with some reverb settings that I've messed with over the months into something quite satisfactory, crisp, full (my biggest issues with renders in Finale), and sufficiently realistic.

    Sooo when the months-long process of actually writing the piece and adding all dynamics and tempi is finished I record into WAV using GPO Studio, do final edits in Audacity, and convert, and voila! I feel very lucky to have figured out this process because although time consuming it's actually quite simple and I love the results. GPO's potential really shines through with attention to detail.

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    Re: An overture

    Simon, beautifully done from one end to the other;
    excellent writing -- dramatic, engaging, very well
    orchestrated. And the "conducting" is right on the
    mark... very well thought out and executed: it's
    the understanding of performance and the attention
    to detail that make a live rendition spring forth
    with energy and depth, and it's just as crucial to
    a synthetic rendering.


    Thoroughly enjoyed this!

    My best,


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