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Topic: GS4 and Cubase 4 essential

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    GS4 and Cubase 4 essential


    perhaps I'll change my DAW to Cubase 4, the essential version. Does anybody knows, if rewirering of GS4 here is possible, with Vista 64? Furthermore I want to play some older VSTI's, B4 2 and Pro 53 from NI for example. Or the M-Tron plugin. If they would be compatible that would be nice.

    thanks Kai

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    Re: GS4 and Cubase 4 essential


    I tried GS 4 in Cubase 4 essential but no ability for rewirering or activate a rewire-device is to be found. If somebody use GS 4 in Cubase: how do you make it?

    thanks Kai

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    Re: GS4 and Cubase 4 essential

    I assume you are trying to run GS4 on the same machine as Cubase?

    I dont know about that kind of setup since I alwyas run giga on dedicated machines, it just needs way too much resource to try and load it on the same machine for my taste

    All I can say is that I know it can be done and it supports rewire, but specifically I dont know sorry

    At least I will bump your thread
    Christopher Kennedy Alpiar
    Cinematic Composer

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    Re: GS4 and Cubase 4 essential

    hello Christopher,

    reading the manuals shows that it has to be possible; both GS and Cubase ess. I didn't hope that the reason is the 64bit-Vista. That would be horrible for me; when I'd have to install all again.


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    Re: GS4 and Cubase 4 essential

    ReWire isn't 64 bit yet.

    The knowledgebase from Steinberg regarding 64bit Cubase 4 ,ReWire a.s.o.

    best regards

    Przemyslaw K.

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    Re: GS4 and Cubase 4 essential

    now I tried a Vista 32 and see: it works! So I'll make the change to the 32 OS in the next time. So other programs are making trouble too (not music-programs).

    greetings Kai

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