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Topic: Kontakt 2 Mac multi-user problem

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    Kontakt 2 Mac multi-user problem

    I have come up with a problem using K2 in a multi-user environment on a Mac. Maybe I'm missing something, but it seems like a genuine problem to me.

    I use my Mac for several different things, and I have it set up as a multi-user Mac, where I make myself a different user depending on what hat I am wearing at the time. One of my avatars is me doing music, and that's where I have GPO, JABB and now Kontakt 2 running. So far so good.

    Now I sign on again as another avatar, where this time I am doing software development involving audio units. I fire up an audio unit host (say, the Mac's built in Audio Lab), and it goes looking for components and finds (amongst other things) GPO, JABB and the Kontakt 2 components. Then, because I am now a different user, I get error messages from all three.

    So far still so good. Up until now, I could simply ignore the error messages from GPO and JABB, and my host would continue happily without them. However Kontakt 2 is not so obliging: it crashes the host, so I cannot continue.

    The problem appears to me to be that the GPO, JABB and Kontakt 2 components all install in the system library, visible to all users, whereas the authorisation stuff is installed somewhere in the files of the user who installed them. This, together with Kontakt 2's bloody-minded behaviour, means that no other user on the same computer will be able to use any audio units at all -- even if they're not interested in Kontakt 2!

    One possible clue is in the error alert from Kontakt 2 before it crashes: "Installation folder is not writable. Please select a folder now." If I knew what the "Installation folder" was, maybe I could make it writable. However I suspect that it might be the GPO library folder -- and that's simply not visible to (or writable by) any other user on the system.

    Any help with this would be gratefully received -- at the moment my development project seems to have come to an abrupt halt!
    Canberra, Australia

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    Re: Kontakt 2 Mac multi-user problem

    I think I've solved the problem, so I feel a little bit embarrassed about posting the query -- but not very, because I'd imagine other Mac users are going to have the same problem. It seems to me it should come up on any Mac set up for multiple users.

    The solution is to move the components (GPO, JABB, Kontakt 2, whatever you have) from the system library into the appropriate user library. More specifically, move them from
    where they should have been all along. (Here, replace "MusicUser" by the name of the user who is using GPO etc.)
    Canberra, Australia

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