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Topic: Where can I get Glissando Samples ?

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    Where can I get Glissando Samples ?

    Hi folks,

    Can anyone recommend a sample cd / vst (or download - free or otherwise) containing more unusual string sounds / articulations, eg scrapes & glissandos – the sort of thing used in the Lost soundtrack to create tension etc

    I already own Garritan Personal Orchestra and a small East West orchestral library (Silver I think) and whilst these are good for standard sounds I can’t quite make them sound realistic when I go for this effect. I’m not really looking to expand on or pay for more standard sounds so ideally something that contains purely the more esoteric stuff that I can use in my soundtracks.

    Also I don’t really want to spend more than £100.

    Any help much appreciated



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    Re: Where can I get Glissando Samples ?

    Does the EW library not have fx patches? Perhaps you need to upgrade to Gold..wouldnt cost too much

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    Re: Where can I get Glissando Samples ?

    This would be the place to say, 'If only Alan Lastufka were still working on The Crypt' ...loud melodramatic sigh...

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    Re: Where can I get Glissando Samples ?

    Project SAM's new Symphobia sounds like it might be what you're looking for, but it isn't released yet. Also, I don't think it's within your price range, but maybe if you start saving up now...
    Dan Powers

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    Re: Where can I get Glissando Samples ?

    Thanks for the advice guys.
    Yeah EastWest Gold does seem to have what I'm after but can't really justify paying a couple of hundred quid just to get those samples.

    Symphobia looks good too, sadly it's not released yet.

    For now Ive just taken a chance on a PETER SIEDLACZEC ORCHESTRA SAMPLE CD I got off Ebay for £30 (the best service Kontakt edition at £160 seemed to offer what I was after, hopefully some of the samples will be the same). I can import the AKAI samples into halion.

    But all further advice still greatly welcomed.

    Thanks again


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    Re: Where can I get Glissando Samples ?


    I found this excellent site this morning & thought I'd share it here - free downloads of orchestral instruments by instrument & articulation, including about a couple of dozen glissandos for each instruement




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