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Topic: Nigel Tufnel Explains Stonehenge

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    Nigel Tufnel Explains Stonehenge

    Nice to see someone following a trail of scientific evidence, even when it leads away from mainstream ideas.

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    Re: Nigel Tufnel Explains Stonehenge

    Amazing! It's like "The Colbert Report" meets "National Geographic".
    Thanks for the link to some edification. John

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    Re: Nigel Tufnel Explains Stonehenge

    He's got the best English accent in the business. He's as mad as a hatter and great fun.

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    Re: Nigel Tufnel Explains Stonehenge

    Nigel for president!

    One of the reasons I married my wife was that she had a poseable Nigel Tufnel action figure, complete with guitar.
    - Jamie Kowalski

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