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Topic: mp3's of Steinway B (not the best but something)

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    mp3\'s of Steinway B (not the best but something)

    I saw the last two piano threads so as requested, here is the steinway B in action. Please keep in mind that the Stienway B sounds MUCH better than this mp3 plus there is some reverb added but at least you can get a slight idea of how it sounds throughout the different registers. Excuse all the distortion, this was not meant to be a fnished product I was just screwing around teaching my self how to orchestrate.
    I\'ll leave it up for the weekend.

    Here is one of \"The Grand\"

    Just right click the link and choose save as.

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    Re: mp3\'s of Steinway B (not the best but something)

    What\'s your opinion of The Grand? How does it compare to the Steinway B? I can\'t tell that much from these MP3\'s (other than that the playing was excellent......). I\'ve got a copy of The Grand and like the sound but I\'ve had a terrible time getting it to play without crackling and popping. I\'ve had several suggestions from people on the cubase site but I\'m still having problems with it. I\'ve got a copy of Gigapiano and I think The Grand sounds better but Gigapiano runs just fine with low latency and no distortion. If I could find a good piano for Giga I\'d just go with it. I\'m leaning toward the Bardstown Bosendorfer right now.

    - Thanks,

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    Re: mp3\'s of Steinway B (not the best but something)

    I\'ve never heard the Bardstown piano. The Grand has a much more punch in the bass range than the Steinway if you like that sound. Other than that, the Stienway just has this quality to it that keeps making me reach for it first.

    I\'d say the Steinway B and the Grand are a dead even tie. Aside from that ouch factor in the Grand.

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    Re: mp3\'s of Steinway B (not the best but something)

    Hi esteven1,
    I red you have both Steinway and The Grand.
    Do you play them in live performance or only in studio?


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    Re: mp3\'s of Steinway B (not the best but something)

    just in the studio. I don\'t trust Microsoft\'s operating system on stage it might just Blue screen of death on me..

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