Hello everyone. I am currently using Sonar 7 with RMX. I have all the latest updates, and I have viewed the newest tutorials, but my RMX is still not doing what it is designed to do. I want to be able to drag a drop different into Sonar and have them come on and off respective to where I place it in the track.
Currently I have a folder with 8 midi and 8 VST/Audio tracks. Each midi track outputs to the appropriate audio track (ie. midi: Stylus 3 out to audio Stylus 3) and my audio inputs are correct to (ie. input Stylus 3 out through EMU soundcard). I have all 8 tracks set up like that, as instructed.
Here are more details. Okay Track 1 has a track starting from bar 1 and ends at bar 5. Then I have totally different track, let's say track 4, starting at track 2, but what happens is all the tracks play at the same time, not where I have them designated in track. I have changed the outputs in RMX several times but to no avail. I am in Groove Menu Mode. With immedate selected.
I have followed the directions explicitly, but no sucess. It works , but doesn't work right.
Does anyone have a remedy?