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Topic: Untitled War Theme :)

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    Untitled War Theme :)

    Heya everyone! it's been too long. I've been listening to all the stuff here and it's always great. Been working on this theme, let me know what you think! Still doing bits to it. This is the first time I've tried to make a string section with garritan solo instruments, with the section patches just to give it a subtle boost.


    Anyway let me know what you think.

    I have been busy scoring a film called "Dogs of Chinatown" which just got an international distribution deal with Fantastic Films LLC, so I haven't been writing much other music outside of that project, but I decided to do this for fun.


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    Re: Untitled War Theme :)

    War theme? Never!

    That is beautiful, Mr. Chris! I can't mentally picture anything war-like when I listen to it. Love theme? Yes.

    Your orchestration and rendering are terrific. I like it a lot. Thanks for posting your fine music.

    (Don't stay away so long!)

    My best,


    Fellow forum members: This young man is nineteen years old and writes like this! Compositionally speaking, he is far more mature than his chronological age.
    Larry G. Alexander

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    Senior Member June-Bug-Dan's Avatar
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    Re: Untitled War Theme :)

    To me it conjures up the Memorial after the battle.

    But i have to agree with Larry it does suite a love theme

    Very well rendered, sounds very realistic.

    And yes dont stay away for soo long!!!!

    Kind Regards,

    Trumpet, cornet, flugel player. Composer and student.

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    Senior Member sosmus's Avatar
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    Re: Untitled War Theme :)

    I agree with Larry, that unless you are in love with war, this is far too beautiful to be a "war" theme. The only critical note I can make is that the ending is a little abrupt, but if I understand correctly that this is still a work in progress, then my comment is unnecessary.
    Fellow forum members: This young man is nineteen years old and writes like this! Compositionally speaking, he is far more mature than his chronological age.
    Compositionally speaking, this young man is far more mature than I am. (I hate talented youngsters!!!!)


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    Re: Untitled War Theme :)

    Thanks very much for the comments. Yeah, about the war theme - thats just the first thing that came to my head - I was kind of meaning the kind of theme that plays when the war is over and there's a moment of reflection between the soldiers that remain. But I can definitely see the love theme in there, and probably more suited to that.

    Thank you again for your way too generous comments!


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    Re: Untitled War Theme :)


    I caught onto this instantly, what you're doing, here,
    Chris -- subtle, subtle, subtle.

    How could anyone make war listening to this? With
    the women swooning and the men struggling to hold
    back a tear...?

    Absolutely lovely.

    Please do us the pleasure of developing this further,

    All my best,


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    Re: Untitled War Theme :)

    Oh my dear god! I adore it just like everyone else here, this is a magnificent melody and beautifully rendered. Definitely reminded me of the movie 'Pearl Harbour' and 'Band Of Brothers' (which is more of a connection regarding the war theme you had in mind). Slow, delicate and lovely! Over a long time after listening to something here, I had to delete everything in my playlist to have this on repeat for a couple of hours.
    'Music is like this pure thing that exists for its own sake, just to make something perfect..' ~ Ephram Brown

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    Re: Untitled War Theme :)

    Gorgeous stuff, Chris! I'm presuming this is a representation of the sadness of war rather than the chaotic scenes of battle that we automatically associate with such a subject. You achieved this very, very well and with tremendous sensitivity.

    My only suggestion (a minor one, at that) would be to float the piano a little more subtley in the mix -- it has great lines but just a bit too prominent (to my ear, anyway! ).

    That's a minor quibble, though; you have tons of talent that you should continue to exploit and develop.


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    Re: Untitled War Theme :)

    Really beautiful work! Extremely calming... great work with those strings, they sound excellent. I can definitely envision the calm after a war, the "picking up the pieces", happy that it's over, sad that it happened. Very beautiful piece. Bravo!!
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: Untitled War Theme :)

    I believe really fine music evokes the question, "Why haven't I heard this before?" Such patience this piece shows! It would have been so easy to ruin such a lovely theme with "stuff" that would have detracted. Instead you stayed the course and drew it to conclusion.

    May I make one small suggestion; the piano might, at some moments, "feel" better if more immersed within the harmonies. But, that is a personal wish and in absolutely no way implies a dissatisfaction with your composition.

    Let me know when you complete your first album. I will be on the purchase list.


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