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Topic: Gauss and Quadratic Reciprocity (mod 521)

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    Gauss and Quadratic Reciprocity (mod 521)

    I studied very hard for a final in Number Theory this semester. I knew walking in to take that test that I would ace it, but when I sat down to take the exam, I went totally blank. I couldn't remember any of the needed equations and the few that I did, I couldn't remember which variable went where. So I spent tons of time in the exam deriving formulas from scratch and ended up running out of time.

    10 minutes after the exam was over and I was in my car driving home, I remembered everything I needed to Ace the test. But it was too late. I did horribly on the test and received my first non-A since being back in college. Bottom line is I no longer have a 4.0 average. Bummer.

    When I got home, I started this piece and within 2 hours had the first 3 minutes of this done. The next day I finished it up.

    The instruments are GPO, JABB and a couple of others.

    The piano is all me (and the GPO Steinway), although I did remove a few notes due to my clumsy fingers. You can guess what Piano I wish I had, but being a poor college student, cannot afford it yet.

    Normally I can play a piece on the piano once and never repeat it. This one however, I have been playing for about 7 years, so I could actually play this again.

    For the math geeks, notice that 521 is prime and is = 1 (Mod 4). 5/21 is also the date that I did a lot of the work on this. It is also interesting to note that 521 is the first of a twin prime.

    here it is

    This piece is a little over 10 minutes long, So I wish to thank those of you up front that make it thru the entire piece. Thanks!!!

    Hope you enjoy and comments are welcome.


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    Re: Gauss and Quadratic Reciprocity (mod 521)

    Awesome, Ron!!

    This is definitely you, but an increasingly polished and accomplished version of what we first heard... how long ago, now?

    Your brass writing is just one area that you seem to have embraced as something to bolster, and your exploration and new-found confidence with it is evidenced in this piece quite a bit -- loved those trumpet solo runs... a great effect! Percussion was great, too -- another area that you've really taken to a new level in your recent compositions.

    The sum (thought I'd throw in a math term here) effect of the piece is tremendously solid musically; how it fits the Gauss, etc. etc. stuff... well, I've told you before how mathematically inclined I am (my piece would be called Zero and Other Large Numbers).

    This could be my favorite of yours... I'd have to listen back to some of the others, but that is certainly my gut reaction. Loved this!


    Congrats on finishing up school; THAT is an admirable accomplishment!!


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    Re: Gauss and Quadratic Reciprocity (mod 521)


    I have one more semester to go. No classes, which is good, but I still have to do the semester of Student Teaching. Hopefully I will get a good Mentor teacher for that and not one that just wants me to continue playing the game.

    I know that this is by far my favorite piece I have composed so far. That by itself is good, just because I have done a few lately (not posted) that have had to be put on the shelf for a while in hopes that they will get better there.

    I love the title Zero and Other Large Numbers.

    I may just steal that from you sometime.

    I hope you know how much I appreciate your support. It means a lot to me.


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    Re: Gauss and Quadratic Reciprocity (mod 521)

    Hey Ron,

    It's amazing how frustration can conduct the composers mind and hands. I hope this notational discharge brought healing. And congratulations on all your school accomplishments; we are always our worst critics - I barely got through high school math!

    You seem to maintain two levels within the work; one being an outpour and the other an atmospheric setting. Great balance between the two and also noticed light imitation and some small motif repetition.

    Very impressive!

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    Re: Gauss and Quadratic Reciprocity (mod 521)


    Always great to hear from you.

    Composing this calmed me down alot. It is amazing how music can alter one's emotions.



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    Re: Gauss and Quadratic Reciprocity (mod 521)

    Wow. I really like every part of this. The percussion especially , but I suppose I'll accept that other instruments need attention as well... But really, this is great. It sounds crystal clear, and realistic at the same time. Your use of the orchestra to back up the piano couldn't be more tasteful in my opinion. As Michael said above, it has a nice atmospheric effect, and yet, a life of it's own.

    Again, I'm amazed at how real this sounds, nice job!
    Michael Obermeyer, Jr.
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    Re: Gauss and Quadratic Reciprocity (mod 521)

    Normally when I compose a piano piece, I play all of the piano and then add everything else. This time I just played the piano for a minute and then played the horns for a bit and then the strings and then back to the piano. It amazed me how easily this one went together.

    I have been playing the piano part for so long, that I think I had this composed in my head and just didn't realize it.

    Thank you for the kind words and I am happy you enjoyed it.


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    Re: Gauss and Quadratic Reciprocity (mod 521)

    Ron, I heard your Gauss and Quadratic Reciprocity. Interesting music, and I enjoyed it very much.
    Quote Originally Posted by rolifer View Post
    When I got home, I started this piece and within 2 hours had the first 3 minutes of this done. The next day I finished it up.
    What a productivity!!! I took a whole YEAR to complete a 10 minutes piece for just PIANO TRIO! I wish to know how you built this music. Directly putting music into sequencer? Sincerely,
    Jun Yamamoto
    Tokyo, Japan

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    Re: Gauss and Quadratic Reciprocity (mod 521)


    I used my keyboard and Sonar 7 Studio to compose this. All I did was play the piano for a minute and then orchestrate that, then I again played my keyboard, this time as horns for about 30 seconds, went back and orchestrated that, and then strings for another 30 secs, and then another minute of just piano. After each section of playing, I had to do some deleteing of notes, because of clumsy fingers, and then do the orchestration by playing over each section with the different instruments.

    I used to do all of my composing in Sibelius, but found that I could go much faster in Sonar. I usually have the music in my head and am slowed done by having to enter it note by note with Sibelius.

    Thank you for the listen


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    Re: Gauss and Quadratic Reciprocity (mod 521)


    What was that
    "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein


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