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Topic: How to get a FAT snare drum sound?

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    How to get a FAT snare drum sound?

    I\'d like to get a really fat snare drum sound used in rock ballards, etc. Def Leopard had a nice fat snare drum sound on most of their songs. I have Pure Drums, Sonic Drums, some good drums sounds on my Roland XV. Any tips or libraries that offer a really nice FAT snare? Thank you for your help.

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    Re: How to get a FAT snare drum sound?

    ahhh memories...

    Well back then there was ALOT of reverb going on, lots of gated verbs too.

    I ahve to break out my old Hysteria to listen and figure it out.

    Remember around then they were doign alot of triggers from trigger pads, so you may want to look into Drum machine/module snare sounds as well

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    Re: How to get a FAT snare drum sound?


    I had a feeling you would have a copy of Hysteria lying around :-)

    Excellent album btw.

    *they don\'t write \'em like they used to*

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    Re: How to get a FAT snare drum sound?

    Hi King,

    \"so you may want to look into Drum machine/module snare sounds as well\"

    Yah, I\'ve got a TD-8 module hanging around. I may have to have a listen to it again. What about the Mega Drums library you mention so often. Does that have some nice fat snares?

    Thank you.

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    Re: How to get a FAT snare drum sound?

    I\'m assuming you\'re talking midi/giga stuff, not recording drums. If so, then the best way is to layer sounds. Copy your snare track to 2 or 3 others and start experimenting with combinations of drums. They don\'t have to sound huge on their own, but combined they might. Like a piccolo with a fat country snare - by themselves lame but together with some verb - pretty good. I usually layer a good acoustic drum with (believe it or not) a snare from Clearmountain 2. They have some really ridiculous room/verbed out snares that sound silly by themselves, but tucked just right behind a nice acoustic drum, makes it relly big. And then sometimes a touch of an electronic drum for that high end sizzle. I don\'t think there was a real drum to be found on the Def Leppard stuff - all triggers layered together. Hope that helps.


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    Re: How to get a FAT snare drum sound?

    I like the tone of the snares in Mega Drums.

    Some more than Giga Drums, but there are only 4 velocities in Mega. So its noticable, adn there aren\'t enough variations.

    I dont consider them Def Leppard tho

    Def Lep had that old school reverbed out \"pop\" tone, and on older albums had a real \"gated\" reverb sound like all the other mid 80\'s bands.

    Tokyo, Def Leppard\'s Hysteria was my first \"rock\" album. A cousin of mine from London came over and visited and hooked me into them. I am a closet Glam Rock fan. Have copies of Winger, Danger Danger and stuff lying around because of the guitar playing. Some amazing players. Was a REALY big Nuno Fan, as well as Alex Skolnick, and of course Pettrucci. All over the guitar shred spectrum, back when I cared about shredding

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    Re: How to get a FAT snare drum sound?

    From <a href=http://www.angelfire.com/home/defleppdaz/retroarts2.html>here</a>:
    <ul>Joe: \"This processed drum sound that we\'re always getting criticised for; what the f**k do people expect? The guy\'s got one arm!

    \"It\'s very difficult for him to play an acoustic kit - just as an electric guitar is reliant on electricity. It\'s taken us a hell of a long time to make that electric kit sound like an acoustic kit, but we\'ve managed to do it on \'Retro-Active\'.

    \"When you\'ve got an electric drum kit that sounds big and fat, you have to make everything else sound big and fat - otherwise the drum sounds too big and everything else sounds weedy. What were we gonna do? Fire Rick because he couldn?t play an acoustic kit?\"[/list]
    Something more usable can be found This page talks about his current setup, but not the sounds. Electronic Musician magazine, March 1998, had an article titled \"Def Leppard\'s MIDI Drum System\" which probably goes into more specifics if you can find a copy. And everyone involved in the creation of his sound will of course want to <a href=http://www.hartdynamics.com/warning/>advertize that connection</a>. The point, I guess, is that there seems to be a good deal of info out there if you really want to dig through it.

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    Re: How to get a FAT snare drum sound?

    Fat snares? Just compress and eq and off you go. You might wanna check out \"skippy\'s big bac beats\" from Ilio. They aim at fat pop music beats. Dunno if that\'s what you\'re looking for though.


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    Re: How to get a FAT snare drum sound?

    Ahh but omression jsut brings up the room and makes the snare louder.

    It sounds great and all to me, but its not the sound of that old Def Leppard snare IMO


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