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Topic: My trumpet performance...

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    My trumpet performance...

    First time after of owning my kurzweil, I finally learned how to hook up a mic into the keyboard, and use the effects in it. It\'s really cool. And today, I got my first taste of sampling my own stuff. But due to the limitations, I can only sample one sample, and I have to use that throughout the entire range of the keyboard. It sounds horrible. I happen to play trumpet, (sitting at first chair at my high school, whoopi!) and so I grabbed a cheap mic, and recorded my trumpet performance with this small composition. I made layers to make a section sound, and I was surprised how much depth it adds. I know I\'m out of tune, but I just played and took the first takes, enjoy. ( )

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    Re: My trumpet performance...

    Sounds better than most of my samples, anyway!

    Did you make a short one note sample and play that part, or play the whole part on the trumpet and sample the take?

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    Re: My trumpet performance...

    I just played a recorded the entire performance three different times with my trumpet. No single note samples. That\'d be cool if they could have as many articulations as I\'m playing live. I think maarten understands that, since he made a whole synopsis on trumpet articulations.

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