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Topic: Shoegaze patch/instrument/voice needed...

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    Wink Shoegaze patch/instrument/voice needed...

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to locate some kind of Shoegaze patch or instrument or voice or whatever...
    Shoegaze basically refers to those dreamy guitars, the like of which you will have heard in some of those film scores, in the music of the Cocteau Twins, Hammock, even U2 ('infinite pedal') etc.

    If anyone knows of a library, a patch or even a synth which has such a sound on, then I'd be glad to know!


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    Re: Shoegaze patch/instrument/voice needed...

    Infinite guitar library = http://www.soniccouture.com/pages/ebow.php

    Besides that..... Lots of delay, a bit of phasing, more delay, some spring reverb, and even more delay.....

    MFM2 from U-he can be really good for this.

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    Re: Shoegaze patch/instrument/voice needed...

    I checked out the Infinite Guitar demos and they didn't quite fit the bill for the shoegaze sound.

    I think the trick for that sound (which I'm dying to figure out myself, too) is in the filters. I got Direct Guitar for the plain ol' quality guitar sounds, then tried some of Logic's built-in guitar filter presets and was able to get some great shoegaze-esque sounds. But if any developers out there are looking for a niche to fill, this one's golden: shoegaze guitars.

    Mr. Kerry Muzzey

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    Re: Shoegaze patch/instrument/voice needed...

    Quote Originally Posted by Lhama View Post
    MFM2 from U-he can be really good for this.
    Urs' MFM rules. 'Tis true.
    basses played while you wait..
    Apple Certified Logic Pro Trainer.

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    Re: Shoegaze patch/instrument/voice needed...

    [rant on] I'm a guitarist, so bare with me..... I haven't tried a guitar library or vsti which could even cover half of what you can do on a guitar.... Maybe I need to think out of the box, but it's hard not just pick up the guitar and do in a couple of minuts what I would be using hours to do with a keyboard and controllers.... [/rant off]

    This is BTW my favorit shoegazer guitarist's setup:

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