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Topic: Unnamed

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    I composed the first 4 minutes to this piece on Friday (about an hour) and on Saturday (another 3-4 hours). The other part was already composed.

    I start a college class tomorrow (actually this morning in about 7 hours), so I may be real busy for the next 6 weeks, so I figured I would post this one while I still have time. There are some velocities/attacks that are still off and a few other issues as well, but I will get to them as time permits.

    I also have a diffferent ending in my head where I return to the original theme and will end with it. I just haven't had the time to compose it yet. I also will vary the first 4 minutes a bit more by passing around a few of the motifs to other instruments. Right now the strings are doing the brunt of the work and that will be distributed more. Just a lack of time for now.

    I am curious as to what you think might be a good name for this one.

    I am considering

    Zero and Other Large Numbers

    Danny..I told you I would try to steal that title!

    Any other suggestions or critiques?

    here it is

    aaa1.mp3 - File Shared from Box.net - Free Online File Storage

    The piece is GPO and other libraries. All of the string solos are GPO.
    The strings are all doubled with GPO solo strings ( all 4) as well.



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    Re: Unnamed

    Very deep and contemplative. Your skills are indeed wonderous.
    How about "And Then There Were None," keeping your "zero" idea intact.

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    Re: Unnamed

    Wow, Ron, even though it's in its rough stage, I'm impressed!
    For me it was like hearing what's going on inside a volcano and experiencing its sudden eruptions...
    So maybe this will give you an idea for a name...
    This is a piece worth working on and perfecting!
    Thanks for sharing and giving me ideas...


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    Re: Unnamed


    First off the zero idea was Danny's. I told him that I might try to steal the title from him and may just do so.

    "And Then There Were None," wasn't that a movie staring Audie Murphy?
    That name sticks in my head for some reason.

    As always I appreciate your time in listening to my works and commenting on them.


    Your ideas for a name has given me ideas for a new piece. I just hope I get the time to compose it.

    My problem has always been that instead of doing all the needed work to perfect a piece, I am off to the next one. Oh well!

    Thanks guys


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    Re: Unnamed

    Quote Originally Posted by rolifer View Post

    "And Then There Were None," wasn't that a movie staring Audie Murphy?
    That name sticks in my head for some reason.

    Agatha Christie, also known as Ten Little Indians, made into a musical called Something's Afoot.


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    Re: Unnamed


    I am impressed! There are some great moments in this piece!

    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

    Listen to me, tuning my triangle http://www.box.net/shared/ae822u6r3i

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    Re: Unnamed


    Yeah now I remember. Thanks


    Nice to hear from you. There are still some spots that need work as well.

    Thanks guys. I'm off to class.


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    Re: Unnamed

    Bells and pitched perc... you know that always draws me
    in, Ron... lol.

    Seriously, this is some of your most interesting writing.
    The rich, dramatic orchestration in it works quite well;
    as does the cogent management of thematic and motivic
    elements that hold the work together and give it direction
    and flow.

    From a compositional standpoint, Ron, I think, though,
    that this is only part of this piece. You've explored one
    conceptual area, and done a superb job of it; yet I find
    myself expecting some contrasting thinking, that alternate
    face that, in its contrary demeanor, lends further depth
    and definition to the central ideas.

    Congratulations on entering a realm where, in its
    Romanticism and emotive exposure, I think perhaps for
    the first time I hear from you not just an exercise in
    craft, but the voice of your heart.

    Stay on this path...

    All my best,


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    Re: Unnamed


    Your are right. I have another 5 minutes or so of this in my head, I have just had no time to get out yet. I have a class that runs all day and have been doing around 5 hours a day of homework as well.

    But this is not the piece I had asked you about. The one I was wondering about is called Gauss and Quadratic Recprocity (mod 521).

    Thanks David

    I'm off to class for another 8-9 hours.


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    Re: Unnamed

    Hey Ron,

    When the palette of instruments used grow with realism the more vast imaginations become.

    This is so different? Who is this masked man?

    I know you have heard this before but it is very sweeping and cinematic. I like that. The crescendos and long weeping string sustains foreshadow the pain to come in the growling lower brass. A very emotionally driven work.

    Isn't zero really the loneliest number?

    A job well done Ron!


    P.S. It does, lightly, remind me of the Batman Begins soundtrack. A bit; or maybe I just have bats on the brain!
    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music

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