Keith Duke - Tide change [by Mayhew Records]
Those familiar with Keith Duke's music will know that he is for ever reinventing and replenishing his musical world. His compositional style is familiar but always new and refreshed.In Across the Water you will recognise the authentic Celtic roots of his music, it's deep spirituality and delving into new pools of inspiration.To the familiar folk instruments - the bodran, tin whistle, Celtic harp - Keith adds violin, flute, guitar for the western orchestral tradition, the more recent keyboard and harmonium and to top off this eclectic mixture the wondrous sound of Tibetan singing bowls.His music carries marvellous texts from the Bible and a small number of writers of the Celtic tradition, especially the words of David Adam who has been Keith's muse and inspiration for many years.Lucy Bunce is the accomplished singer on this recording and Kevin Duncan is the gifted producer and performer who has brought together the disparate strands of Keith Duke's musical world.Available to purchase from
Genre: Celtic
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