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Topic: GoRound question

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    GoRound question

    It feels so tacky to even ask, but here I go. Are the go-round sales only done around Christmas like the last one, or do they happen spontaneously with no regular interval?

    I currently own gpo, strad, and cello, and I'm looking forward to adding gasp. If the go-rounds only happen around Christmas, then I may just spring for it now.

    Once I get gasp, then *all* my active libs will be Garritan Maybe I'll have to paint the name "Garritan" on the back of my stage piano!


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    Re: GoRound question

    Considering that there has only ever been 1 GoRound, it's difficult to say.

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    Re: GoRound question

    In another thread, Gary did hint that there might be one in the spring. But I feel like a cheapskate if I ask about it (but I'm glad you asked!).
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