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Topic: Garritan Products AND Service are remarkable

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    Garritan Products AND Service are remarkable

    Most here know this but it's worth mentioning again, especially for the newbies who may be looking for an affordable yet quality Orchestral library.

    I hadn't used GPO in a couple of years actually, I moved into products such as VSL and EWQL.

    Then low and behold I rediscover GPO and the FREE K2 Upgrade.
    It blew me away!
    The ability to work with these samples had been kicked up a few notches to say the least.
    Working with Kontakt 2 is a vast improvement. I've spent most of my time using Gigastudio but alas, I will be moving entirely to Kontakt 3.
    (K3 does not work properly with GPO, you need the K2 version at present)
    Giga is a nightmare at times

    The installation thru Native Instruments was a daunting task!
    There was a technical issue with the service center install for authorizing.
    It was NOT my system, put it that way.

    Low and behold, I phone Garritan, explain the problems I'd had over the past two days and they said they would mail me a disk with ALL the upgrades, free of charge, naturally.

    It arrived the NEXT day!!!!

    What extraordinary service your company provides, Gary.
    (I think I spoke with your Wife, not sure)

    GPO was not and is not intended to be the best that money can buy but after revisiting this release I realized that anyone with sufficient skills can produce superb orchestral tracks. The quality and level of service is worth so much more.

    Lastly, it is worth mentioning that there is no other product out there that has so many tutorials for both the beginer and the advanced user.
    I forgot just how large this community has become.
    This alone is worth the small price you pay for this outstanding product.

    Try picking up the phone and getting that kind of service from anyone.
    Support should be given to those that deserve it.

    GPO and Garritan deserve it.
    2 X Intel i7 920 sys. 12 gigs Ram. XP & Win 7 64
    Cubase 5. Kontakt 4. EWQL C.C.C. (Play)
    Vienna Instruments SE & Plus. Symphobia. GPO.
    RME HDSPe AIO KRK V8s Avalon Vt-747sp
    M-Audio Keystation Pro 88

    My two passions. Music and Cooking.
    Both require just the right ingredients....

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    Re: Garritan Products AND Service are remarkable

    Well put, Chalfont. Gary and all at Garritan certainly do deserve the praise. When Gary recently hung out by the phone all day for us, it spoke volumes about his commitment to his products and this community.

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