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Topic: k2 player problems

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    k2 player problems

    I have just updated my MacPro Intel from 10.4.11 (Tiger) to 10.5.3 (Leopard), reinstalled K2 player and Garritan libraries (Gofriller, GPO, Strad, JABB). Now I find that my K2 player does not recognise any libraries. If I try to load a library into Kontakt 3 (the full version), I am told 'there was an error trying to acquire a license for this patch'

    Any suggestions as to how I can remedy the situation?

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    Re: k2 player problems

    no, Jon, the browser is absolutely blank!
    Sibelius, ProTools, Cubase
    on Mac OSX
    + plenty of coffee

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    Re: k2 player problems

    So is mine! I'm using version 2.2.4 on Leopard 10.5.3.

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    Re: k2 player problems

    Hi Henry

    Make sure that you have the latest Kontakt Player 2.2.4 which is Leopard compatible. The player that came with the Strad is not Leopard compatible so make sure you have the latest versions. You will not be able to run the Strad in Leopard and Kontakt 2 without it. If you continue to have problems with the updates, contact Native Instruments and hopefully they can help you sorting the Player updates.


    Gary Garritan

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    Re: k2 player problems

    Thanks, Gary, the problems are sorted, after me finally giving in to the fact that I would have to reinstall JABB and GPO libraries, and not just the K2 player - having tried many suggestions to do with plists given by Native Instuments.

    Interesting to note that by far the most stable product for me has been the new Steinway. Rock solid! As well as being a wonderful instrument.

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    Re: k2 player problems

    Thanks Henry for posting about your success in defeating the transfer problems by simply re-installing the whole disc - worked for me too!

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