Hi everybody,

I use Finale 2008a and fullGPO for symphonic music. In the help file, it was said that the alternating up and down bowing was intended to very short notes only. It is true that when you try this keyswitch, each note was relatively short in duration. So the help file recommend to disable this setting in the HP setup as well as down bow (and probably up bow). But the fact that full GPO allows these particular articulation make me sad. So I try to enable these articulation in the HP setting. The help file was true in part. The use of upbow or downbow in my score doesn't necessarily said that the note doesn't need to play for a certain duration. For example, you can want an upbow of a whole note but if you trigger the KS of upbow in fullGPO, the played note will be very too short compare of the whole note that you put in your score. So upbow and downbow articulation was unusable.

But the alternating bow keyswitch represent for me a very usefull feature from full GPO. So I try to make a new setting in the HP setup to use this KS for string section. I choose the detache articulation and assign them to the good KS. I also put key velocity for the dynamic setting. With surprise, HP trigger this KS only for short note (< about 0.3 sec). So depend of the note duration and the tempo of my score, HP trigger or note the alternated bowing only for short note. Notes that have a absolute duration more then the threshold was played with the legato KS. So I was very excited about that. It can improve the realism of my score. But... I find to drawback...

1) There are some difference in the note dynamic between both KS. So if I put maybe, two half note then 4 sixteenth notes, the last 4 notes have very higher dynamic than the two half note. So I can unfortunatly ear the KS switching.

2) Sometime, when the tempo is very fast and for shorted notes, I loose the notes with the alternated bowing KS.

I try to implement the same setting for the small subset of VSL in my Kontakt 3 and the final sounding was better.

So does anyone already trying to tweak the HP setting for a full used of fullGPO ?

Thank you.
Francois Harel, Montreal, Canada
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