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Topic: GPO can't see Sibelius

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    Question GPO can't see Sibelius

    I'm using Sibelius 4, and I just installed GPO 3, and my notation program can't see the library. I've tried to alter the output device Sibelius uses, but GPO isn't even an option. As far as I know, I've installed everything properly, my drivers are in full working order and compatible with the software, everything else checks out ... I just can't open Sibelius' eyes to the brand new world of good sound.

    Has anyone else had this problem?

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    Re: GPO can't see Sibelius

    Jon, you are one sexy god of horn! Thank you so much. You've changed my life.

    Seriously, though. Thanks to you I now have a new world of sound at my disposal. A thousand times, thank you!

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    Re: GPO can't see Sibelius

    I have the same issue but dont completely follow what you said.
    OK im with you up until loading the sounds onto the sebalius channel. I've downloaded the cables and its showing up, but im lost from then on... could you help?

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