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Topic: "Bosendorfer Imperial," Reverie MP3 Demo

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    \"Bosendorfer Imperial,\" Reverie MP3 Demo

    Here is a new MP3 demo of the \"Bosendorfer Imperial,\" featuring \"Reverie\"


    Bardstown Audio

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    Re: \"Bosendorfer Imperial,\" Reverie MP3 Demo

    Our web site is temporarily down. While I was uploading MP3\'s, my web master was also uploading new information to our web site at the same time from a different location. By doing this, we have somehow messed things up. We are working on it, and hopefully will have the Bardstown Audio site up and running very soon!

    Bardstown Audio

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    Re: \"Bosendorfer Imperial,\" Reverie MP3 Demo

    Our web site and mp3 page is working properly now.


    Bardstown Audio

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    Re: \"Bosendorfer Imperial,\" Reverie MP3 Demo

    I have had several inquiries as to what articulation patches are included with the Bosendorfer Imperial.

    Here they are...

    Full Piano
    Lite version A
    Lite version B
    Lite version C
    Mod Wheel Filter Control
    Velocity Filter Control
    FF samples only
    MF samples only
    MP samples only
    P samples only
    Pedal Up Samples only
    Pedal Down Samples only
    Weird UFO effects
    De-Tuned Bar Room Western Saloon Piano

    With the above list of articulations, it is easy to see that every possible piano sound and character that you would ever want is included with the \"Bosendorfer Imperial.\"

    Bardstown Audio

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