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Topic: GPO Quick Reinstall ??

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    GPO Quick Reinstall ??


    Ive recently had some bad problems with my pc which has led me to reinstall Windows XP & Cubase. I still have GPO on there from before the cleanup when I backed up my Cubase vsts folder.

    Rather than reinstalling GPO again (fine on it's own but not so fine when you have a dozen other multidisc instruments to reinstall) I just copied the GPO dll file into the refreshed Cubase VST folder but Authorisation is failing saying that the key has changed (or words to that effect).

    Now I haven't changed any hardware on my pc so I'dve thought the old key wouild still apply. No matter - is it possible just to run the Challenge / Response section on it's own to save me having to reinstall everything again, and if I can do this is there a way to 'relink' all the samples if it turns out that the link has broken due to me faffing about with Windows ?

    Thanks a lot


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    Re: GPO Quick Reinstall ??

    Hi Col,
    If you've reinstalled your computer's OS it's really a good idea to reinstall GPO too. The Kontakt Player authorization system uses the OS somewhere in the key, from what I can tell. Are you still using Kontakt Player1? If so, you might consider updating to Kontakt Player2.

    By registration tool, are you referring to NI Service Center or the really old Registration Tool application on the GPO CDs? That tool has been replaced by Service Center, which itself is on its second incarnation, available from the Native Instruments website.

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