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Topic: Sonic drum implants

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    Sonic drum implants

    Hi there,

    I have some questions about the Gigasampler version of the Sonic Drum Implants of Sonic Implants. I have listened to their demo\'s and to my ears they sounded pretty good.

    Has anyone used these inside a real song (the demo\'s are drum only)?

    For what types of music do you think it\'s usefull?

    I have some second thoughts when I listen to the demo\'s which contain the word \'metal\' in their titles. I listen to a lot of metal (among other things) but in my opinion this is not the same. Are they useable for this type of music?

    And would I have to think in the lines of Faith No More (not really metal I know) or is something like Machine Head still possible?

    If you don\'t know the library, check it out at:
    Sonic drum implants

    They are really giving a lot of demo material.

    Hope to hear from someone soon.



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    Re: Sonic drum implants

    I\'ve got them and think they are really really good. The cymbals are about the best I\'ve heard. The drums are really good acoustic and pure, they\'re not really that processed or compressed - and I find that they are not as loud against some other kits, but that\'s easily solved with an outboard compressor. I did the theme for a new MTV show called \"Kidnapped\" and used the Blue Jay Small kit for the drums. It\'s a rock song with a Marshall guitar riff and they sound pretty good. For the price, really good.


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    Re: Sonic drum implants

    I thought the demo\'s where for say, 99% convincing me in thinking I wass listening to a real time drummer.

    But before I make the investment, I wanna make shure of their usability in music from ColdPlay/Jeff Buckley to something like Deftones/Faith No More at least.

    I will very shortly have the means of multiple compression units so I could compres bass and snare at least, when using it in a heavier type song.

    Thanks for the reply Donimon!

    But I\'m still hoping that others know it and use it and are willing to help me with more information.



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