Dear All

This is a piece i've composed for organ (my first actually) using the garritan pipe organ. But i cant get it to sound the way I want it to sound. I've tried using the PMI Baroque organ but its no better. I'm hoping the new Garritan pipe organ might do the trick.

I've posted it on - it appears under the new compositions list and is called Organum.

I've never been within 100 yards of a real pipe organ - my idea of what an organ tune should sound like is based entirely on my love of Bach's organ music - basically I've no idea other than a gut feeling for the instrument.

But I would like to persevere. So, its a work in progress but does it sound half ways ok so far? - ignore the crap timpami roll at the start and the obvious clipping, i can take care of that easily enough.

Cheers in advance, ColinD