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Topic: Atmosphere Strings praise

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    Thumbs up Atmosphere Strings praise

    I have been on a demo mp3download binge lately. I've been looking for more symphonic sounds than the ones in GPO or the K3 library. And then I tried the Atmosphere strings for the first time in a while.... Damm I had forgotten how absolutly beautifull these are.... They are somewhat limited in articulation and there are no solo instruments, but the sound is just perfect.

    ...Am I loosing it, or am I just showing off my tin ears?

    Thank you Eric for such a great instrument, and I can't wait to see what Omnisphere will bring in this department. I would love if you would make a woodwind ensemble or a orchestra brass ensemble of this quality into Omnisphere, and maybe add som additionel artculation to the existing strings.

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    Re: Atmosphere Strings praise

    Thanks! :-)

    There's some new string surprises in Omnisphere too. ;-)

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    Re: Atmosphere Strings praise

    I love the Atmosphere strings too and use them a lot. They sit really well in a mix as long as you don't need strings which "speak" quickly. But if you play with the decay and sustain controls you can get good variations in the way they speak.

    I don't think you can modulate the amp envelope via controller-this is one of the limitations of the original GUI, and I have no doubt that Omnisphere will be hugely more flexible & poweful in this respect.

    One nice thing to do though is to assign Amp Modulation to Bender- you need to set the Bend value to zero of course- which enables nice real-time control of volume via the Pitch Bend Wheel. Volume control is essential for expressive playing of strings (or any sustained sound actually). I usually use the highest modulation value (127) and make it "minus" by clicking on the blue lamp above "AMP" (which the turns yellow).

    Another trick is to assign Key to Pan with a high value, then you get some extra variation in the stereo picture (e.g higher notes left, lower notes right).

    One slightly tricky thing with the Atmosphere strings though is that they are a bit phasey- this is true of many string sounds actually, especially those with a lot of intrinsic reverb or hall sound. In Logic I just reduce the stereo width a bit, otherwise the sound can drop in volume when reproduced on mono TV.

    I can't wait for Omnisphere. I'm holding back on an buying an Intel Mac until September primarily because I use Atmosphere a lot and I'm not keen on workarounds (not to knock the wrapper, that's just my personal choice).

    I'm a Spectrasonics fan too ;-)!!


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