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Topic: OT-Undercover

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    First notice. It is really not possible to get rid of a subscription to this forum.
    Maybe the moderator can't amend the database to wipe out all entries like name, avatar, email address, etc. from it. I've proved that once you are registered, there is no way to tell: "I don't want it anymore, just erase me".

    Second notice. I've been undercover for quite a long time. There is a reason to it. I won't tell you about this, it is personal. Soon I will be back.

    Third notice. I played around with Ubuntu and Studio64. The latter ruined my Master Bootrecord (I think). So I had to install a completely new system. Having hardware that can grow "till heaven" I decided to install XP64. It had a lot of problems, especially with drivers, etc. I solved it all.

    Fourth. There is a rock festival going on near my dwelling. Like thunder and hurricanes. I attended this for only five minutes. The louder it is, the nicer, they always say. Who needs a compressor? It is there in real life.

    Fifth. Suddenly I saw a message passing (very fast) of Gary G. asking about my doings. Nothing happened, I just went underground.

    Sixth. I followed almost all advices from DPDAN and re-rendered my Symphonic Poem and other things. It still is a lot of work, but it pays off.
    Just watch the Listening Room or my profile-signature.

    At last. See you around in due time. Don't cry, please. I am still around.


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    Re: OT-Undercover

    Hi Raymond

    I'm glad that you're still around.

    Take Care,

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