Faery Sounds [by Gavin Brown]
I had to do a "virtual tour" at this college which I worked for. The tour consisted of walking around campus and looking at things or playing games. As you're doing these things, short bits of music play in a loop in the background to add to the ambiance. I wrote these little musical dittys like wildfire, must have written about 50 or 60 of them. I was so into it that I even continued to write that kind of music after the tour was over and donewith. This piece is called "Faery Sounds" and was actually in the tour. There was a fish pond in the center of the campus, and we had it so that as you approached the fish pond the music started playing. There was a cartoon fish food shaker that you could pick up and shake over the pond. When you did it the first time, a cartoon fish would pop up and bite at the food. When you did it the second time, a submarine periscope would pop up, look around, and then sink back down. There was a third animation, but I forget what it was.
Genre: Game
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