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Topic: Snorlax Is All Wet!!!

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    Snorlax Is All Wet!!!

    Hi, everyone!!

    Look at this area a couple blocks from Chez Snorlax in Franklin, IN.

    From CBS News:

    "The National Weather Service issued flash-flood warnings in 15 counties, saying record flooding was possible.

    Water had reached the first floor of Johnson Memorial Hospital in Franklin, county Commissioner Tom Kite said, and cars were submerged up to their windshields in the county government building parking lot."

    Snorlax lives right across the street from the hospital. My (new) car didn't get washed out, fortunately.

    You can see someone else's pix here . These locales are right near my house. The Ford dealership is on US 31, 5 mins from my house.

    Camp Atterbury is 10 mins. south of me. Look at what happened to them on the photos at the bottom of the link above!! I got off easy compared to them!!

    Check this video out here. This is across the street from me.

    Here's another part of town near me...

    blub, blub...couple blocks from me...

    I lost a lot of books, sheet music, and furniture, but my horns are OK except for the cases and gigbags.

    It was impossible to leave or enter Franklin for about 5-6 hours today...

    BUT: I'm a lot better off than many of my friends...my damage was limited to my (large) basement, but some people's basements were TOTALLY under water!!

    Snor is counting his blessings!!

    For updates, just google "Franklin Indiana Flood" and enjoy

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    Re: Snorlax Is All Wet!!!

    We've been hit with lot of rain here too - but not THAT much.

    I was just thinking to myself how much I hate all this rain we've been having, and how hard it is to keep up with yardwork with it.... Now.... I am feeling very glad that we have not been having the flooding you have experienced. Already went through that nightmare a few years ago. Luckily, our basement is not a very desirable place even to store stuff, so we lost very little other than food storage.

    Glad you have your characteristic optimism in spite of the circumstances, Jim!

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    Re: Snorlax Is All Wet!!!

    Wow! Ya, I just heard this morning that you guys got upto 10 inches of rain in some areas on Saturday alone! Absolutely amazing. Glad to hear you didn't get washed out, though!
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    Re: Snorlax Is All Wet!!!

    I was wondering about how you were doing in Franklin.
    The White river is still rising here at Seymour, but I am too far from it to have to worry. A few subdivisons are being evacuated though this Sunday morning. My in-laws live at Prince's Lake and are unable to get out. Fortunately, they live up high on the hill and are not directly affected by the breach of the dam. They did get water in their basement when a drain overloaded. Wally called me to send my son John Mark over to help pull out wet carpet on Saturday morning. Susie and JM went and nearly got stranded along the road by Camp Atterbury - which is now closed. She made it to her father's house, but now cannot leave -I doubt she will be able to get home tonight either.

    My oldest daughter, Jennifer is an ICU nurse at Columbus Regional - she helped with moving out patients. When she left last night the hospital basement was full and the water was up almost to her knees on the first floor. That will be a lot of work to get the hospital back and running.

    I was going to do some more filming for my Lilly project around southern Indiana, but that will have to wait for now. So I have no excuse for not getting back to writing my symphony/soundtrack for the DVD. I have not worked on it for weeks now with the end of the school busy stuff. I need to get back in gear!

    Take care Jim.
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    Re: Snorlax Is All Wet!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by indianamusic
    ... and the water was up almost to her knees on the first floor....
    I almost choked when I read this, until I realised that when we in Aus speak about the first floor, we're talking about what you guys in the states call the second floor. We call what you refer to as the first floor, the ground floor.


    Daz :0)

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    Re: Snorlax Is All Wet!!!

    We had rain and floods like this in UK last year, Large areas were completely submerged, not near here though

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    Re: Snorlax Is All Wet!!!


    I'm glad you are okay (and you heroically saved those precious Euphs ). Yikes! what a disaster in Indiana! But you characteristically rise above it all.

    If there's anything we can do to help let us know.

    Stay cheerful and dry and be careful out there.

    Our best,


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    Re: Snorlax Is All Wet!!!

    Too bad you can't pump all that water into a tanker and sell it to Saudi Arabia. Maybe an even exchange for oil!

    Take care--stay dry!
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    Re: Snorlax Is All Wet!!!

    Stay tuned. More is predicted for tonight. Stay safe Snorlax!

    Steve Winkler

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    Re: Snorlax Is All Wet!!!

    Thanx to all for the kind words...

    SWINKLER...you're a trumpet player in Indy, right?? Steve???

    I've got pumps ready to go for tonight.

    Jim Williams
    Professor of Capitalism
    Indianapolis Brass Choir
    All Your Bass Sus&Short Are Belong to Us.

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