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Topic: Garritan Steinway player's perspective

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    Garritan Steinway player's perspective

    I checked out the demos several times, but still can't seem to be convinced that the player's perspective is... well, what you'd hear from the bench.. I mean, all the other perspectives are very good, and are very usable for production, but I still want the player's perspective as a practice tool, or as something I'd use just during recording. But it sounds so... hmm.. not sure how to put it.

    It seems rather bass heavy for start, and also the hammer/initial impact portion doesn't sound quite as upfront as the other views. Which is strange because if the classical perspective has enough impact punch, then I wonder why player's perspective has less of it. The only thing I can think of is that perhaps the environment may have something to do with it. During class, there was a steinway that we used both in the hall and also in the practice room connected to the wings. The attack was more pronounced in the room, but not quite so in the hall, so I'm guessing perhaps the sound is re-inforced by early reflections from the room walls? (and lost in space in the hall) I'm not sure..

    I mus say though, I've only listened to the jazz demo on the demo page... are there any more? please let me know if you've found more player's perspective demos.

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    Re: Garritan Steinway player's perspective

    hmm.. that's strange, because I'm listening to the steinway approved demo page's jazz tune (the only one that has comparison with other perspectives), and the player perspective definitely stands out as sounding different. Perhaps it's that specific rendition.

    again, if there are more I can listen to that has comparison with other perspectives, please let me know.

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    Re: Garritan Steinway player's perspective

    Ken, I had rendered a piece with all five perspectives of the Steinway earlier for the Listening Room. It is a piece composed by forum member Andrea Maria Ottavini. It is a toccata less than a minute long that gives the keyboard a pretty good workout. The link to the thread is here:


    I hope this will help. John

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