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Topic: Mod Wheel sans Keyboard w/GPO

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    Mod Wheel sans Keyboard w/GPO

    So, as this newbie undertands it, you can use GPO instruments with a keyboard to play the notes and a mod wheel to provide dynamics and other things. Question: is it possible to have have the notes already input into a score, for instance with Sibelius, and then to add dynamics via a mod wheel as the score is played back? Does this question even make any sense?

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    Re: Mod Wheel sans Keyboard w/GPO

    First, thanks for the response! Now, as far as your normal procedures, does GPO come into the picture in Sibelius (for use when you export the MIDI file) or only when you've moved over to Sonar? Also, out of curiosity, which version of Sonar do you use?

    At this point, I'm studying composition and that will remain my focus (as opposed to any fancy production of my pieces) but I am starting to wonder how all this virtual recording stuff fits together, so thanks again.

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