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Topic: Q for Maarten about P Adventures

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    Q for Maarten about P Adventures

    Hi Maarten, I have a question for you (or anyone else using Percussve Adventures in the Giga format) I recall you have Percussive Adventures in the Giga format from your comments on a previous thread. I recently picked it up (giga native) for a pilot im scoring, and noticed some pops & clicks through out the library...and no its not my giga rig.... I was wondering if you noticed any clicks on the \"Out Of Africa \" patch (instrument name 78-OA1-108) on the drum hit mapped on the D3 key, or the Highlander Bed or anywhere else on the library. I have already spoke to Soundsonline & they sent me a new CD, but the exact same clicks on the exact same patches. Is it just me?


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    Re: Q for Maarten about P Adventures

    Well Christopher the library has got its minor flaws. There are some patches with weird processed mistakes and some terribly timestretched tempo alternatives for some of the beds.

    I\'ll check my Out of Africa patch tomorrow (late now) but I\'m sure it\'s just one of the librarie\'s errors. Every library has got errors.

    How many error patches did you encounter?

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