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Topic: getting started with The Old Lady

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    getting started with The Old Lady

    Hello, everyone. I have just purchased The Old Lady and am trying to learn how to use it with EXS24 in Logic Express 8. The first thing that has me confused is that there are several "versions" showing up in my instrument list: OLD LADY Fixed 2755, OLD LADY Fixed 2755.V01, OLD LADY FULL NEW, and OLD LADY NEW2. Can anybody explain to me the difference between these?

    Another problem: with all four, there's a very annoying "click" at the beginning of every C2, which disappears with velocity settings of 64+. Can anyone explain this? Is there a way to get rid of it? Are there other problematic notes to watch out for? This one I just happened to notice immediately because it's a very prominent note in the first few bars of the project I'm working on at the moment.


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    Re: getting started with The Old Lady

    Hello, Drew.

    The Old Lady does not click in its Kontakt form, and sadly I know nothing of the EXS24 patches. But some updates were published for Old Lady -- perhaps this page may yield EXS24 improvements that fix your problem:


    Some documentation is available there as well. That perhaps explains what differentiates the various patches. Otherwise, just play them a while until you see the point.


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