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Topic: Finale 2008 - A Trailblazer Guide

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    Finale 2008 - A Trailblazer Guide

    Can someone give me some info on this book? Will it help me organize my thinking so I can get around better in Finale? I've been using it so infrequently that every time I start into it I can't remember the basics. I guess my real question here is: Is it similar in scope and purpose to Scott Garrigus' Power Books series for sequencing programs? It's not that expensive but I don't want to fork out the money if it's not going to be a useful tool. Thanks.
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    Re: Finale 2008 - A Trailblazer Guide

    Hey Jerry,

    I haven't had a chance to look at it yet. It looks like it could be good resource material, but I'm one who generally likes to look through a book first before buying it. However, looking at Mark Johnson's website the book sounds intriguing. I've used Finale since the early 90s and there's always something new to learn. I may just have to buy this book. I'll let you know.

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