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Topic: Any Philadelphia Area GPO'ers Interested in a Project?

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    Any Philadelphia Area GPO'ers Interested in a Project?

    Hey Folks,

    I'm a Philadelphia area GPO Owner/User singer/songwriter looking for a keyboard player and guitar player to work with. I'm in the Western suburbs about a 7 minute ride from the King of Prussia mall - if you live in the area you know where this is ;-).

    I've got a decent stack of songs either written or mostly written that I am looking to record. Style wise - very melodic, hook-driven Rock/Pop: rockers to ballads... think Journey meets ColdPlay meets Aimee Mann meets Five For Fighting meets... well you get the idea.

    I have a nicely equipped home project studio and all the gear necessary to produce almost anything you can imagine - Sonar 7 Producer Edition is my DAW of choice. I write music, lyrics, record, produce. Playing wise, I write mostly on keyboards (I'm an average player at best), play some bass and sing lead vocals - my real main instrument (tenor).

    I'm looking for strong players (keys and guitar) to collaborate with, initially to produce great recordings of some of my songs. I am definitely looking for a big sound and am a fan of tasteful orchestral parts - especially strings.

    If you want to get some idea of my older recordings check out my website - www.ericsierka.com. My newer material is even stronger and has a more current sound.

    I look forward to hearing from my musical "neighbors".

    Thanks for reading...

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    Re: Any Philadelphia Area GPO'ers Interested in a Project?

    Just an idea.

    Have you considered a web collaboration? With a fast enough Internet you can be chatting with your coworkers all the time, and still get them to use THEIR studio comodities. For example I have invested quite a few $ in my studio and it's where I'm most comfortable working in. My software also would be lots of trouble transfering since I work in other projects as well. (I'm in London, btw, and I, sadly, don't have the time to commite to such a project, but I'm just providing some further ideas).


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    Re: Any Philadelphia Area GPO'ers Interested in a Project?

    Thanks for your thoughts... yes, I have in fact done this with a few people and would consider it again... that having been said, I am looking for that experience of working side by side with someone(s) - though it would be great if they had the ability to work via the Internet as well when schedules did not align...

    I appreciate the post and would love to hear from anyone else...

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