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Topic: SC Electric Guitar Realtime Performance Videos

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    SC Electric Guitar Realtime Performance Videos

    SC Electric Guitar Realtime Preformace Video
    - featureing SC SPM (Super Performace Multi)


    Realtime Pickup Selector & Auto Stroke Detection



    With SC SPM (Super Performance Multi), you can play ultra realistic guitar performance in real-time. SC SPM is more advanced, playable, and flexible. You can access the expansive number of the playing techniques instantly without stopping your performance and create convincing guitar tracks very quickly.

    Single note Realtime Legato Slide
    Single note Realtime Hammer-on & Pull-off
    Single note vibrato (deep & light)
    Single note mute & picking noise
    Single note gliss down
    Single note gliss up
    Picking Tremolo
    Pinch harmonics
    5th-dyad chord Realtime Legato Slide
    5th-dyad chord vibrato
    5th-dyad chord mute & picking noise
    5th-dyad chord whammy bar with pinch harmonics
    5th-dyad chord gliss down (fast & slow)
    4th-dyad chord Realtime Legato Slide
    4th-dyad chord vibrato
    4th-dyad chord mute & picking noise
    4th-dyad chord gliss down
    4th to 5th-dyad chord hammer-on
    5th to 4th-dyad chord pull-off

    Unison bend
    Special FX (scrape, whammy bar, etc.)
    Fret noise
    Pick stop noise
    Bridge mute noise
    Position change noise
    Natural Harmonics

    Power chord Realtime Legato Slide
    Power chord mute
    Power chord picking noise

    Octave Realtime Legato Slide
    Octave picking noise

    Various chords (Real chords)

    String 3 root flat5th-dyad chord
    String 3 root major 3rd dyad chord
    String 3 root major 3rd dyad chord whammy bar
    String 3 root major 3rd dyad chord gliss down


    For deteil about SC Electric Guitar, please go to;


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    Re: SC Electric Guitar Realtime Performance Videos

    Midi files for the video demos are available at our website

    [SC users]
    Please go to the registered users section to download the midi files.
    The.zip file also includes the .nkm files for the demos.
    If you have not complete your registration, please go to;

    [Non-SC users]
    The midi files can be downloaded at;
    (The. nkm files are not included in the .zip file.)

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