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Topic: Major Release! Retro Flute

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    Thumbs up Major Release! Retro Flute

    Bela D Media Presents Retro Flute

    Produced by Eduardo Tarilonte of Bela D Media

    Producer Eduardo Tarilonte is well known for his 5 star Anthology series. The same award winning attention to detail has been applied to this latest release. Retro Flute is not a “yet another flute library.”

    Above and beyond the extreme scripted features and flawless recording/sampling quality, Retro Flute provides the user with something new and innovative.

    Though it will sit extremely well in a Cinematic, Classical or Jazz ensemble track, it is the retro sound used by many progressive rock artists that produces a pure and powerful tone.

    Perhaps the most exciting feature of Retro Flute is the ability to generate the popular sung style, best described as the flute being sung through as it is sounding. This mix of instrument and vocalist has never been sampled before.

    Sustained Straight Tone & Vibrato
    Sung Style
    Various Staccato Options
    Overlaying Options
    Player Breath Noise
    Key Noise
    Slide Down
    Half and Whole Tone Trills

    Release Format
    Native Instruments Kontakt 2
    2.2.4. or higher (K3 compatible)

    Audio Format

    Advanced Scripting
    Offering the composer real-time control is our top priority. By means of advanced scripting technology within Kontakt 2, coupled with Bela D Media’s specialized programming staff, remarkable real-time control has been achieved.

    Multi Speed Legato Control
    Male and Female Vocal Breath
    Auto Default Key Switching
    Manual Key Switching
    Speed mode
    Real Time Velocity and Vibrato Cross-Fade Control
    Advanced Filtering
    Auto Random or Selected Round Robin
    Volume Sens
    Wind Controller Compatibility

    See product page for complete details!

    Product Page

    Audio Demo Room


    Edit: June 20th, 2008

    Thank you,
    Bela D Media.com

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    Re: Major Release! Retro Flute

    Congratulations guys. This sounds fantastic - already played the demos to my wife as part of the established 'wheedling' routine that eventually leads to me plunging us further into debt..

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    Thumbs up Re: Major Release! Retro Flute

    Very nice indeed. It's on my purchase list.

    Congratulations on this fine product
    best regards

    Przemyslaw K.

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    Re: Major Release! Retro Flute


    You don't have permission to access /main-rf.htm on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. Apache/1.3.39 Server at www.beladmedia.com Port 80

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    Question Re: Major Release! Retro Flute

    Is it will be available at Time+Space ?


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    Re: Major Release! Retro Flute

    Jeffrey: PM your IP address if you wish for us to investigate.

    Shakuman: Once the DVDs arrive to our studio, all vendors receive NFRs and then begin their stock orders. Time+Space is an authorized dealer of Bela D Media.
    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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    Re: Major Release! Retro Flute

    Those are some INTENSE demos!!

    Fantastic work Tari!


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    Re: Major Release! Retro Flute

    Hi, Francis,

    You mentioned before about giving me a discount for suggesting this project. I would like to take you up on that Let me know if and how that could happen. Thanks!

    The demos sound great!!

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    Re: Major Release! Retro Flute

    Oh man - that is fun!!!!! Wonderful new production Tari. A no-brainer purchase.

    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: Major Release! Retro Flute


    It sounds, in one word, expressive!
    We are the musikmakers, we are the dreamers of dreams.
    -Willy Wonka

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