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Topic: I've Gotten Rather Used To Them

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    I've Gotten Rather Used To Them

    This is "I've Gotten Rather Used To Them," which is basically the eleven o'clock number of Madhouse.



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    Re: I've Gotten Rather Used To Them

    Not sure what a "eleven o'clock" number is, but I enjoyed it. Is it close to the finale? "Madhouse" seems to be shaping up pretty good! I know there is probably singing; but the background music is always a touch upbeat, entertaining, and never to complex to interfere with any vocals.

    Great work!

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    Re: I've Gotten Rather Used To Them


    The "eleven o'clock number" is generally a song that occurs near the end of the show and marks either the climax or at least the buildup to it (as is the case with this song). Some good examples include "If He Walked Into My Life," "Rose's Turn," and "I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face" (which this song is a parody of/homage to).

    One thing I think is interesting about this song is that it is the only real "slow" song in the show. The rest of the show is a farce, so it's fast-paced and manic, but this song is intentionally slow as a contrast. It's a major character moment, so I wanted this to stand out.

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    Re: I've Gotten Rather Used To Them

    I wasn't familiar with the "eleven o'clock" term, either. Thanks
    for the education, Cool.

    Good to see Madhouse moving along so well, and closing in on
    a finish!

    Keep it coming...



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