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Topic: Any Quantum Leap RA users here ?

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    Any Quantum Leap RA users here ?

    I am doing a film that has a couple of scenes where it needs a pioneer/western/ early American history feel in the music. I am considering buying Quantum Leap RA because I saw that there is a Washburn Guitar, Fiddle and Banjo in the library.

    However, nowhere on the East West site in any of the RA demos, are those 3 instruments used.

    I was wondering if there are any RA users here, who would be so kind as to just record a 10 sec simple clip of the Washburn Guitar, Banjo and Fiddle so I can just hear the quality.

    Or maybe someone can even vouch for it.

    I don't want to spend $535 for just 3 instruments.

    Would anyone be so kind as to post 3 shorts clips contains a few playing styles from those 3 instruments ?

    I now everyone is really busy, but I thought I would give it a shot. Maybe someone out there is kind enough to help met out.

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    Re: Any Quantum Leap RA users here ?

    I can't put anything together for you at the moment as I just got out of the hospital, got my appendix yanked out so I am a little sore.

    I have used RA a lot though and can vouch that the Washburn Guitar and Banjo both sound great. I don't think I've used the fiddle yet, but it is probably pretty good considering the overall quality of the library. I would recommend RA for the type of score you are doing.

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    Re: Any Quantum Leap RA users here ?

    I may be wrong, but I believe the only fiddle in RA is a Hardanger fiddle (Scandinavian version of the western fiddle). I don't know if there's much difference in sound between the two, but it might be worth checking before buying.
    Cheers, Tim

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    Re: Any Quantum Leap RA users here ?

    There's the hardanger, a barritone violin (in the India section), and a Middle Eastern fiddle.

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    Re: Any Quantum Leap RA users here ?

    Truespec has this on sale currently (till through the weekend, I think), for $349.


    At that price, it might be a bit easier to just "go for it"....

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