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Topic: Move Music Challenge #3

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    Move Music Challenge #3

    As for preceding challenges, you are being asked to supply 3 to 4 minutes of music to a demo reel for an upcoming film.

    In this case it is a 16-hr mega-budget mini series based on Julian May’s "The Galactic Milieu" trilogy.
    The setting is the mid-twenty-first century, and humanity is beginning to enjoy membership in the Galactic Milieu, a confederation of alien species spread throughout the galaxy. Gradually humanity is evolving advanced psychic abilities that characterize the next step in human evolution. Soon, Humanity will be able to join in psychic union with the rest of the alien species that make up the Milieu, in what is known as "Unity".
    But xenophibia is deeply rooted in the human soul, and a growing group of rebels are plotting to keep humanity forever separate, in the name of individualism. At their head is a man, Marc Remillard, obsessed with the idea of human superiority. His goal: the elevation, through advanced technology, of human metapsychics above all others, to dominate the universe.

    Inexorably, civil war grows, and those who would peacably join the galactic Unity must face the possible annihilation of mankind in a bloody galactic war against the ethnocentric rebels. The peaceful use of their immense mental powers and the eventual breakthrough of the collective human mind into a state of universal Unity is the only thing that can save the galaxy and pave the way for the Golden Age of the Galactic Milieu to take place.

    The film clip being presented contains brief scenes of dialogue, establishing some of the major players in the drama - the villain, Marc Remillard; the heroes, Jack Remillard (known as Jack the Bodiless) and his wife, and scenes of various alien factions.

    There will also be scenes of alien vistas, space travel and futuristic cities.

    The clip will end with a montage of the ultimate battle, where Jack the Bodiless and Diamond mask, his wife, face off alone in outerspace against the entire rebel armada. Their tremendous mental powers working together and bringing about, through sheer will of mind, the great Unity of every single human mind in the galaxy. The instant of Unity, which breaks the will of the rebels and brings peace to the galaxy, is the emotional climax of the film.

    I hope you have some fun with this challenge. And now for the rules:

    1) Your entry should have substantially been created using Garritan libraries (GPO, JABB, Strad, Gofriller, Marching Band, etc. if there are etc’s).

    2) You may enter as many times as you'd like, as long as each entry is substantially different.

    3) The winner is chosen after the entries have been posted anonymously on the NSS forum, and the forum members have voted for their favorite in a poll. How the forum members judge which is their favorite is totally up to them.

    4) The winner of the Challenge wins nothing, except the acclaim of the forum, and the honor of setting the next Challenge.

    5) The Challenge Setter may enter his or her own Challenge. (Please read, yes, he or she may enter their own contest. Why not, everyone has all the same info.)

    Deadline: August 10

    Send your MP3 files to wfrayer@centurytel.net

    This challenge loks to be another fun and exciting event. Thankyou to Michel R. Edward for this exciting story to compose a score - GOOD LUCK EVERYONE
    We dream to write and we write to dream.

    Challenge #10 Winner

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    Re: Move Music Challenge #3

    Wow! That sounds like fun! But now you ruined the ending to the book, and I'll never read it! I'll have to get started soon...hmm, how about now?!
    Michael Obermeyer, Jr.
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    Re: Move Music Challenge #3

    Quote Originally Posted by sanyarem View Post
    ... now you ruined the ending to the book, and I'll never read it! I'll have to get started soon...hmm, how about now?!
    I believe there are still many surprises in the book(s). It is on my 'Definite Read' List.

    I'm basically just bumping back to the top to make sure everyone had a chance to read this.
    We dream to write and we write to dream.

    Challenge #10 Winner

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    Re: Move Music Challenge #3

    The end of the book isn't a surprise... it's actually made quite clear what happens in the end at the very beginning of the very first book of the series

    It's like reading "Titanic"... you KNOW the boat is going to sink... BUT! what happens when it sinks?

    For anyone interested in reading Julian May's EPIC series, it starts with the four books of "The Pleiocene Saga", which set up the idea of the Galactic Millieu and present us some of the important players.

    It continues with the two books of "Intervention", where some of the most pivotal events in future human history are presented.

    And completes with the glorious "Galactic Milieu Trilogy".. and the loop in time which began with the events which start the very first book of The Pleiocene Saga!

    I have re-read this entire set of books at least 5 times over the last ten years, and know that I will be attacking it again quite soon. It's epic writing at its finest.

    I know that you will all provide glorious music for this proposed television series

    Who knows, maybe Julian May reads this forum, and she will be prodded into pushing to have the books made into a real film!

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    Re: Move Music Challenge #3

    Hey - with the summer I thought I'd bump this up and give it another read.
    We dream to write and we write to dream.

    Challenge #10 Winner

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    Re: Move Music Challenge #3

    Well, I've gotten something started, but since my cable went out last weekend, I was afraid to keep going without having the scene "clip" for me to read while composing I'll have to get started! Great idea, again!
    Michael Obermeyer, Jr.
    youtube channel
    soundclick page

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    Re: Move Music Challenge #3

    I am bumping this to the top fr the 4th of July weekend and the O Canada blast weekend. Have a happy celebration but don't forget about the challenges!
    We dream to write and we write to dream.

    Challenge #10 Winner

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    Re: Move Music Challenge #3

    Thanks for bumping this up! I'd forgotten all about it.
    Serenity Musician Productions (Gary A.)

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    Re: Move Music Challenge #3

    Quote Originally Posted by qccowboy View Post
    it's like reading "titanic"... You know the boat is going to sink... But! What happens when it sinks?
    what?!!!! The boat's gonna sink?!!!!!

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    Re: Move Music Challenge #3

    Well, I have one entry already for the Movie Music Challenge #3 that qccowboy has devised. It looks to be an exciting challenge. I have been working on my entry and hope others are also. I look forward to your submissions.

    AUGUST 10 is fast approaching.
    We dream to write and we write to dream.

    Challenge #10 Winner

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