Take am Moment (61 min) for one of he most complete collections of sampled historic keyboards on the market i had the chance to produce some demos for.
I am curious what you think about the rare listened music I have chosen.

a) Pierluigi Cembalo von 1579 (Italien)
Claudio Merulo: Toccata
Adriano Banchieri: Bizaria
Giovanni Maria Trabaci: Versi 1,2,3

b) Ruckers Cembalo von 1628 (Niederlande)
J.P.Sweelinck Malle: Sijmen
Anonymus (Camphysen Manusscript): Daphne
Anonymus (Anna Maria van Eyls Klavierboek): La Princess

c) Thomas Hitchkock Spinett 1718 (England)
John Blow: Ground in G
Henry Holcomb: Study in b
Henry Purcell: Corante from suite in a Z663

d) Jacob Kirckmann Cembalo 1766 (England)
J.C.Bach (the London Bach) Grave c-minor
Thomas Augustine Arne: Allegro A
W.A.Mozart: from the London Sketchbook (1764)

e) Johann Andreas Stein Hammerflügel 1783 (Augsburg)
W.A.Mozart: Fantasy C-Major (1782)
Muzio Clementi: Sonata in Bb Major I Movment, Allegro con Brio
Josef Anton Steffan: Capriccio Nr.5

f) Erard Flügel 1837 (London)
Henry Charles Litollf: Spinningsong
Ignaz Moscheles Characteristic Study op 95,7 "Tenderness"
John Field Nocturne in C-Major

g) Traugott Berndt Flügel 1848 (Breslau)
Clara Wiek-Schumann Impromtus op 9 Souvenir de Vienne (1838)
Eduard Frank: Agitato (Excerpt)
Carl Reinicke: Präludium (Excerpt)